2015 Corvette Z06 Takes on Viper T/A and Ferrari Italia

Racing requires certain minimum requirements such as a suitable track where the fast-flying monsters should tackle each other. Some tracks that leave discussions in every one’s mouth though, get placed on the streets. Here, spectators get to know the prowess of a particular driver and furthermore check out the suitability of individual models when it comes to making that chase away from the police.

In the video below, we observe the tug-of-war between Chevy’s ZO6 of 2015 and an equally powerful Viper. While we all knew who will win, you’ll get surprised to see who bet the other, fair and square. The winner though, in relation to past races, has maintained consistency on the track.

On the next video, the freeway meets 458 Italia of Ferrari taking on Z06 and the battle displayed by the two is a must see. Although the results came in as rather a rude shock, let’s leave it for you to judge.

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