Best Vintage Wedding Cars

They may be parked in grounds of museums, may be considered redundant when it comes to traveling and transportation in the modern times may be considered too very antique and slow, but nothing can compare its grace and grandeur when it comes to using them to carry the bride and the groom in the most glamorous way possible. It is during such graceful moments of weddings, characterized by the mingling of two loving hearts, that such vintage cars make a classic appeal. A ride in such vintage cars not only does enhance the elegance of the wedding ceremony but also makes the moments worthy enough to be framed with golden borders.

Vintage Wedding Cars

Some of the vintage cars most favored for wedding ceremonies are the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud and Silver Spirit, the Pontiac Bonneville, the Essex Super Six, and Bentley Modern.

Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud

The Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud is an enigma in itself and those who either own it or have had a ride on it will be in a comfortable position to enumerate on its elegance. Characterized by an FR Layout, a 6.2 L Rolls Royce V8 engine, an automatic transmission, a saloon, convertible or coupe like body and with a mileage of 50,000 km, it was a glory of the 50s and the 60s. It had also undergone modifications and was available in different models and designs. During those times, driving this car was a monopoly of the filthy rich. This is what makes it too attractive during weddings today.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

Another super luxury car that is perfect for riding brides and grooms together produced by the classic Rolls-Royce is the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit which is supposed to be the bride’s pride. It is so comfortable that it makes one feel as a film star who just not drives but set sails. The smooth running of the car and its most modern facilities gives a feeling of tranquility to the wedding couples.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Pontiac Bonneville

Manufactured by the world renowned General Motors, the Pontiac Bonneville is one of the most graceful cars of the 50s and the 60s. It entered the automobile fora as a high performer with the advantage of fuel-injected luxury convertible and all other mediums of luxury except that for an optional air conditioning which was later inducted in the future versions. This put the car on the best selling record for a considerable period of time and made the General Motors Glory rejoice well in their glory. The sedan like body structure gives it a unique look best suited towards attracting the aristocracy of even today who are prepared to shell out in bundles to hire the same in order to create a charismatic ambience for the wedding invitees.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

The Essex Super Six

The Essex Super Six is a small car that was produced by the Essex Motor Company and the Hudson Motor Company to make good and handsome cars affordable for the lower middle class. The quality of the car, its durability, its body style both as an open 4 door cars with canvas tops and also an enclosed sedan, and its vibration free 4 cylinder motor made it top the list of the cars sold in the 1920s. It was an instant craze among the people who could not afford highly expensive luxury cars. But, due to this, the car is in great demand today during weddings wherein couples desire to ride on an open roof car and get the classic feeling.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Bentley Modern

Next in line of luxury falls the Bentley Modern which is the premier car that is preferred by the Asians in their weddings. Although it is quite similar to the Rolls Royce Silver Spirit but its specialty lies in its wonderfully crafted and comfortable interior which makes it a bit more expensive than its similarity.

All these cars which were once upon a time the soul comfortable mode of transportation have been elevated to the position of classic vintage cars which are exclusively used for one of the most happy and memorable moments in one’s life. One may either take the pride in owning them as a heritage of the glorious past or may lent them on rent for making one’s wedding special.

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  1. Logical says:

    I have seen many a vintage cars. They are not just kept in museums –
    people actually drive them . Some collectors have maintained them so
    well. Its’ great.

  2. Sana says:

    Bentley tops my list of vintage cars any time of the day ! Its such a classic. I wish I had one but this is a masterpiece for sure. They don’t make cars like this no more.

  3. thenayshun says:

    That First Roll Royce is sick!!!!!

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