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Ford has always been a company that provides motors for the masses, across an astonishing range of price brackets and persuasions. For the high rollers, there are the Mustangs groaning with muscle, roaring with juice; for the soccer moms all across the globe there’s their range of Explorer SUVS. But if you were to ask the average Brit which part of Ford’s range of motors struck them as most classically ‘Ford’, it would most likely be those reasonably-priced classics like the Sierra, the Granada and the Escort that were in their as quintessentially a part of the British landscape as lampposts and Little Chef.

Thanks to the website you can choose a reasonably priced Ford either from their range of used motors, or from the smaller but nonetheless impressive range of new models. To start with these: though the nineties belonged to the Mondeo and the like in the noughties Ford’s piece de, reasonably-priced, resistance was undoubtedly the Focus in its various forms.

It remains a brilliant combination of style, function and economics, and the prices available on back this up: for example, if you were looking for a decent run-around for you and the family a 5-Door 1Litre Ford Focus EcoBoost Zetec at £14,995 is both practical, ecologically sound and reasonably priced. Running 56.5mpg (and obviously not requiring a huge amount to fill it up), you’ll continue to save once you’ve driven it from the dealership, and should your kids be getting towards the age when they begin to nag you for a driving lessons the Ford Focus Zetec 1.0, brought to you by, makes an excellent ‘first car’ for them to practise their driving in. All in all, this is a car that is both reasonably priced and will bring you extended value for money through its EcoBoost technology and general hardiness; definitely worth a look.


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