Watch the LaFerrari FXX K roar in full throttle at the Yas Marina Circuit

When the FXX K was unveiled at Finali Mondiali Ferrari at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi last week, every automobile enthusiast was left in awe of this magnificent track machine. The fastest to ever come out of Ferrari’s factories, this supercar boasts a more fine-tuned aerodynamics and an upgraded powertrain which adds a whopping 86HP to the LaFerrari to justify its FXX K moniker.

Back at the launch, we witnessed the entire ceremony detailing its key features, but it ended without the LaFerrari FXX K unleashing its power on a race track for the audience.

LaFerrari FXX K

Yesterday, Ferrari fulfilled our wishes when the FXX K covered the Yas Marina Track, Abu Dhabi, in full throttle, to please the fans and customers as part of the company’s year-end celebrations.

And boy, were we pleased! The car zooms past cheering audiences in a blur after a very loud, adrenaline-pumping startup enough to hike the excitement of the entire crowd.

LaFerrari FXX K

Even though the car used yesterday was just the prototype, it was really close to the 40 FXX K cars (approximately) Ferrari is building to sell for $3.1 million apiece. Deposits have already been made for each one of them by eager customers, who will be fortunate enough to own one of these beasts.

Watch the FXX K in action in the video below:


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