4 Useful Small Business Online Tools For 2013

Small businesses can suffer from roadblocks while running operations at any point in time. Some of the common problems faced include shortage of budget and manpower. However, it’s possible to overcome the problems and expand the business with the right tools.

As a small business owner, you don’t really have to spend a fortune on using the most of the tools available. There are several that are affordable and will give a much needed boost to your business.

While the low cost tools may not offer a full suite of features similar to those available in high-priced enterprise software, reports have shown many companies have been able to improve their banking solutions, increase employee productivity and reduce costs by using them.

Here are the top online tools that you can take advantage of in 2013:

1. Doodle

DoodleYou don’t want to miss meetings with investors and clients because there’s a lot of competition out there and your absence may turn them away to some other business. Doodle is an online tool that’ll make sure that doesn’t happen by scheduling your meetings and appointments.

After registering an account in Doodle, you can place meetings, appointments and events on the online calendar. You can also use this tool to tell anyone who wants to meet you that what’s the best time for you to meet and what’s the best way to reach you. Doodle also has mobile compatibility, so you’re able to keep a track on the go.

2. Startup addicts

Startup-addictsIf the budget of your company is falling short and you’re looking to finance monetary capital from somewhere, a good option is available in the form of crowd-funding. It’s now considered one of the best ways to get funds for your business, regardless of the industry the business is operating in.

Startup addicts is a fantastic tool and if your business stands for creativity and innovation , it’s just the tool you need. If you’re able to reach the funding goal, the company is just going to deduct 5 percent from the funds you receive, and if your goal is not met, they’ll not take anything. It’ looks like a win-win situation.

3. Twiddla

TwiddlaYou and your employees may come across ideas that you want to use later when surfing the web, social media and other information online, but it can happen that you’re not able to find what you searched for the next day. This is where Twiddla will be useful. It’s based on the concept of bookmarking web-pages.

The tool also has a new function known as co-browsing, which you and your staff members can use to search for websites together no matter the location. This is going to come in handy when information on something urgent is required. The tool can also be used to create whiteboards, chat with staff members and there’s also a feature of real-time file sharing. The best feature of Twiddla perhaps is that it doesn’t require you to register for an account as most collaborating online tools do.

4. DIvr.It

 DIvr.ItYour business will be missing out on a lot of customers and chances of increasing revenue of it’s not present on social media, but the problem is that you may not be able to find time to handle different channels all by yourself.

DIvr.It will allow you to set posts for different social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter at your desired timings. You can also use the tool to keep track on the number of followers and fans and schedule posts at times when they’re most active to keep them engaged.

These tools will help to increase the productivity of your business and also lead to a reduction in operating expenses.

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