What Enterprises Need to Look for in Big Data Streaming Platforms

Big Data Streaming

You’re only as good as the platform you use when it comes to Big Data streaming. It can be difficult for enterprises in a variety of industries to balance the need to collect billions of pieces of data per week with the responsibility of keeping that data safe and protected. The bottom line is that the risk of data leaking out is greatly increased every time data comes in. This poses a challenge when it comes to finding a secure and efficient platform for acquiring, analyzing, protecting, and storing large volumes of data. There are several common ways that popular platforms on the market today actually fall short when it comes to achieving all four of those goals. The consequences of leaving any of those four crucial elements up to chance can be costly and messy.

Big Data Streaming
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Common Ways Data Platforms Fall Short

Big Data is useless unless it’s fast data. The biggest problem facing the world of data streaming today is something called “too-late architecture.” While many popular platforms can collect data at high speeds, they fail to capture and analyze crucial details of that data. Simply collecting data and storing it to be analyzed at a later time doesn’t really help an enterprise thrive in real time. Data needs to be processed quickly so that enterprises can use the data to make decisions and adjustments in real time. This is especially crucial in industries that deal with systems monitoring, order routing, warehouse activity, commerce, surveillance, risk management, trading, and fraud detection.

The second big flaw that most data platforms have is tightly tied to this first flaw. Most data platforms don’t have security features that are sophisticated enough to detect and stop security breaches and fraudulent activity as they’re happening. Do you know what can happen during a window of just 10 to 15 seconds if criminals gain access to a network? Thousands of dollars could be lost. In fact, millions of dollars can be lost through fraud in a matter of minutes. Companies in the financial sector need to have the ability to monitor machine-driven algorithms constantly to spot suspicious patterns.

Features That Make Stream Processing More Secure and Effective

It is important to have a reactive platform in place when dealing with large amounts of data streaming. A stream processing platform like the one offered by DataTorrent merges technical and intuitive elements together to create an extremely efficient and secure system. The platform is capable of processing billions of events per second and recovering from node outages without data loss or the need for human intervention. This means that an enterprise can count on the platform to keep business running around the clock. The DataTorrent platform actually reacts in real time when threats or inconsistencies are detected.

It is important to remember that something as simple as a piece of malware downloaded from an employee’s personal email account can have dire repercussions. Rather than allowing a detected distribution to continue in the system to be reviewed later, DataTorrent actually quarantines suspicious elements for review. This feature allows enterprises to enjoy the benefits of both automatic detection and human analysis. Any platform that relies on only one of these elements is simply lacking when it comes to covering every base and providing an accurate assessment of system activity.

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