Bringing Your Faith Into Business

Anybody can lead a faith based professional life. If you are happy in your current job there are ways to bring your faith into your work day. If you’re looking to make a change there are plenty of faith-based changes that you can make, like enrolling in of the faith based adult education programs as a way to both learn new skills and find new employment. How, exactly, do you bring your faith into your professional life? Here are a few tips:

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While at Work

Every faith has some form of Christianity’s “golden rule”. Treating others as you would like to be treated isn’t just a good rule of thumb when dealing with clients and potential networking opportunities. It can help out quite a lot in your inter personal communications while you are on the job. For example, even if one of your coworkers is driving you crazy, being nice and polite to that person can go a long way toward keeping the office a safe, productive and peaceful place to work.

It is also worth noting that the golden rule says to treat others how you would like to be treated. It does not say to treat others as they have treated you, which is a common (and often purposeful) misunderstanding of the idea. More basically put: just because someone took the apple you put in the office fridge does not mean that it is okay to take their orange tomorrow.

In Addition to Work

If you really want to help bring your faith into your every day professional life, work with your employer to set up a community service program. Depending on your boss’s feelings (and those of the other people who might work on the program with you), have the program work with your church to do good within the community. Perhaps your company can sponsor a few food drives for your church’s soup kitchen. Maybe the church and company can work together to clean up a local park. There are lots of ways to integrate your faith and work when it comes to off hours projects.

New Work

For some people, the best way to integrate their faith and their professional life is to choose a new profession. What are you truly passionate about? How can you take that passion and inspiration and build it into a business? Sometimes this is simple. For example, if you truly love your church, why not get a ministry degree or become a pastor? If you don’t want to work directly for the church, perhaps there are faith based non-profits that you can work with or for. These types of roles are great for people who love to share their faith with others but who might have run into problems doing that within a for-profit setting.

Whatever you choose to do, you are going to find that following a path of faith—whether that involves simply applying the lessons of your faith to your every day work life or choosing an entirely new profession—helps make every day more rewarding. You’ll appreciate your coworkers more (even those you’d usually rather avoid) and, when you truly love what you do, you’ll find that work doesn’t feel like work. It starts to feel like a calling!

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