Getting Money This Summer

Getting-Money-This-SummerWorking in the summer is often the lifeline that is needed in seasonal vocations, such as in busy hotels, holiday camps or resorts. However, with today’s economy and money issues, it can often be hard to find some work in the summer. Many people will resort to either using savings and applying for unemployment benefits, however, there are other options. Here are a few idea’s which can help you obtain a job to keep the money rolling this summer.

1. Choose your businesses carefully

This sounds like an odd one, however, it is relevant. The reasoning behind this, is that each time you apply for a job, you are, in essence, spending money, whether it is based on fuel or transportation costs, or you consider your time a monetized material (where you could be applying for other jobs).

So, with this in mind, it’s important to make sure you look at either business opportunities or potential job markets that will take you on. If you have no experience in catering, avoid applying at bars and restaurants, as it is less likely to get you a job.

Does this mean you should avoid them completely? Not at all! It’s simply a matter of prioritizing your own abilities, with the job market. If there are a load of jobs in the industry that you have experience and training, then you should go for them, before contemplating jobs that you have no previous experience with.

2. Make sure you are presentable at all times

Maintaining a good look around potential employers can be incredibly beneficial, this shows you are committed, hygienic and able to dress to impress when needed. Often, fairly or unfairly, employers will often use their first impressions to decide if you are worthy of the job or not. Some other interview techniques can be seen in this article on interviewing tips.

3. Consider your own business or income

With a consistent amount of online businesses and industries opening up (such as freelance writing, online graphic related jobs etc), there is a ton of potential out there for anyone looking to work from home! This can be a risky option, as there is no guaranteed pay day or salary, and can lead you to dodgy payments that are almost not worth it (for example, early freelance writers can easily be roped into working for $1 or less per article this size!).

It’s not all about being digital and online though, if you are handy and able to construct items, such as furniture or other items of use, you can easily start selling them to your local neighbourhood.
You should be careful though, this is not a determined salary, and you run the risk of losing your income half-way through the summer, usually a hard time to find jobs at other places.

4. Staffing Agencies

If you are having a hard time, you can sign up at your local staffing agency and request work. Whilst this is not usually a career builder, you will certainly experience various jobs and experiences. Staffing agencies will also not charge you – typically they take their money from their clients (the employers looking for workers) for doing the work of advertising and obtaining the workers.

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