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GPS Tracking

The great recession has made us money wise or penny wise. Money saving possibilities are being tracked to every penny by the latest electronic devices in every field of life and business activity. The manufacturers are locating new uses and applications of their electrical gadgets. The software technology is also being applied to improve and modify the products to meat the current market requirements. The developments are facilitating time and money savings. The huge business houses and even government institutions have become cost conscious.

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The GPS system manufacturers have proposed to the corporations and businesses that own large fleets of vehicles to install their GPS devices for big savings. The GPS Tracking System when installed on every vehicle records vital information about the journey long or short under taken. The research conducted by the device makers have concluded that savings made in fuel costs and time can go up to 30% at times. They confidently recommend to install GPS systems.

The tracking system allows the management to stay in close touch with the drivers all the time. The data recorded details the waiting periods during the trips and any deviations and off tracking made that help minimize out of route miles. They claim that all extra miles mean wastage of driver time and fuel cost. These savings add up to big amounts over the month.

The vehicle journeys can be tracked on web-based maps to know almost real time needed to cover the distances. This helps to manage the turn around time of the vehicles. GPS monitors the vehicle locations accurately. The voice communication can provide the necessary guidance on turn by turn basis where needed to avoid extra miles in locating new addresses.

The GPS systems often recall one good experience with UPS. They observed from the data recorded through GPS tracking that the vehicles wasted much time in waiting when they have to turn left. This resulted in money wastage. The UPS management took bold decision and gave clear instructions to take only right turns. They were surprised to see the saving made over a comparable period. The vehicle speeds can also be monitored to save on fuel consumption and tire ware at high speeds. GPS tracking offers numerous further benefits listed below.

  • The drivers of vehicles fitted with GPS system become wastage conscious.
  • GPS web-maps help derive near exact distances to customers and avoids over billing.
  • GPS fleet tracking reduces turn around time for delivery vans. The heavy overtime paid to drivers and other related workers can reduce by many dollars a week.
  • GPS regulates employ efficiency by reducing waste hours and delivering more per week.
  • GPS system costs $400 to $500 when installed. This cost is conveniently recovered in a short period of two months, proving highly beneficial and cost saving as claimed.
  • GPS research shows that the operational cost of an average vehicle is about $1.5 per km. Companies can easily manage 40 to 50 km reduction per vehicle per week.
  • GPS controlled millage would allow enough time and fuel to make more deliveries a week, increasing employ productivity.
  • GPS tracking systems can result in an overall monthly savings up to $5000 to $7000 per month on an average vehicle.
  • GPS monitoring of the vehicle speed controls it to the optimum level between 50/60 mph. This speed is ideal for tire long life. Remember above 70 mph the tire ware doubles.
  • GPS track records the speed variations. Speeds over 50 mph consumes 1.5 percent more fuel for each extra mile.
  • GPS helps bad habit drivers who use less efficient travel routes.
  • GPS monitored moderate speeds reduce accident prone risks.
  • GPS registers vehicle logging and predicts arrival times from service calls.
  • GPS recordings detail all idle times or extra long stops availed at particular locations.
  • GPS tracking can trace vehicles and reroute for on the way errands or emergency.
  • GPS renders digital recording of the time and distances travelled for more accurate billing of service providers. This saves on excess billing.
  • GPS system renders improve efficiency of all involved to deliver more in same time.
  • GPS tracking system is fully recognized by the insurance companies who discount premiums for such coordinated vehicles.
  • GPS reduces unauthorized use of company cars as phone or email alerts can easily recall   any or all cars.
  • GPS system cuts down on paper use because digital recording does not involve human errors.
  • GPS system is elaborate enough to monitor vehicle alarm, lock/unlock, seatbelt and even remote start (optional) and starter kill.

The GPS tracking system has proved very helpful in reorganizing vehicle fleet control by the company traffic managers. They can now literally see all movements. The vehicle safety and life is safe guarded besides increasing efficiency and productivity while organized reduction in costs being the resultant important factor. The manufacturers claim there is much more facilities in the system and in the pipeline.

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  1. GPS tracking says:

    I agree, it not only help save money, but also time and energe.

  2. Guest says:

    GPS device allows you to keep track of things that are important to you – such as your car, your bike, your keys, your pets, and heck.. your family members at quite resonable price.

  3. Pirates 4 says:

    GPS system is elaborate enough to monitor vehicle alarm, lock/unlock, seatbelt and even remote start (optional) and starter kill.

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