How a RN Can Benefit by Earning a Master’s Degree in Psychology

Are you a RN searching for new career horizons, but don’t know which to choose? Chances are you are thinking about several career paths you can travel down. If you are leaning towards psychology and would like to help people who are experiencing mental health issues, then you should learn more about the Masters in Psychology program. That way, you’ll learn the benefits of working in a career where you can’t clearly see the injuries and illnesses of your patients.

The Experience of Caring for Mental Health Patients

Caring for patients who suffer from mental health problems is among the most challenging, yet rewarding, experiences you’ll have during your career. Patients who suffer from mental health issues often are unable to speak their thoughts, wants and needs; it is up to psychiatric nurses to determine what the individual needs. The mind is a beautiful, complex thing and people who like caring for others often find their calling in psychiatric clinics. Here, they are exposed to hands-on experiences in a variety of mental health illnesses that often have no known cure. If you are up for the challenge and want to make a difference in someone’s quality of life, then you should consider enrolling in a psychology master’s program.

You Can Complete the Program in Two Years

When you go back to school after having earned your rn to msn degree, you can enroll in a master’s degree program for psychology so you can learn all the inner workings of the mind, mental illnesses, as well as ways to diagnose and treat patients who are ill. Individuals who want to complete their master’s degree program can do so by attending full-time at an online college, among other options. When you enroll full-time, you are able to complete all the degree requirements within two years. Otherwise, if you are unable to take on a full course load, you can complete the courses in three years if you attend on a part-time basis. Registered nurses who work full-time during the day or on swing shifts can easily attend online courses; they can complete the course work on their own time, as long as they complete it by the assigned due dates.

It’s Cheaper to Take Classes Online than at a Traditional College Campus

A great benefit in enrolling in a master’s degree program online is that it often costs significantly less than if you were to enroll at a traditional college campus. Working registered nurses wouldn’t have the time to attend college classes on campus so it would be difficult for them to complete the degree program in the time frame they anticipated. Online colleges often have lower overhead costs since they don’t actually have to have a large campus where students can attend. Faculty can work from home and students can ask questions, via email and discussion boards.

You Can Choose from Three Types of Psychology Career Paths

For those who would like to enroll in a psychology degree program at an online college, they can choose to specialize in different areas. There are three different psychology tracks that students can choose from:  community psychology where nursing students learn how to care for patients by using various applications, industrial/organizational psychology with a focus on psychology in the workplace and lastly, students who want a general overview in psychology can enroll in the general track where they choose four electives that interest them. The masters program in psychology is research-driven and it isn’t necessary for students to have an undergraduate degree in psychology to enroll in the program.

No matter what track you choose, you’ll be rewarded once you’re able to work as a psychiatric nurse at a mental health clinic or in a hospital setting. Even though you aren’t able to physically see what’s wrong with the patient, knowing that you are helping them on some level will bring you a sense of satisfaction.

About the Author:  Jason Grant is a nursing student who is a psychology major. He spent a summer interning at a mental health clinic and although at times it was difficult, he counts it as one of his most gratifying professional moments.

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    When you look at your options this way as an RN, it sure makes a lot of sense. You can’t underestimate the power of optimal mental health.

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