Is a Human Relations Consultant Right For Your Business?

Owning and operating your own business is a tough job; it may give you a little more freedom, but many people quickly find out that running their own business takes more time and effort than just having a full-time job. It can quickly become overwhelming and, in order to succeed, a strong and solid business plan should be organized before you open your business. However, one of the most difficult challenges that any business owner faces is how to maintain the foundational, day to day functions that keep the company’s processes running smoothly.

At what point is it necessary to hire additional helping hands, though? They are going to be needed if you want your business to flourish. Many business owners don’t even know where to begin and a little bit of research proves that finding, hiring, and managing a team of employees is a lot all on its own. How is a business owner supposed to focus on their business when they have to spend all of their time handling employees? A human relations consultant might be the answer.

What is a human relations consultant?

A human relations consultant will be able to help a company make plans for successful growth. Not only will a human relations consultant be able to handle proper planning and business growth, but they will also be able to successfully evaluate a company’s current blueprint for success. A consultant will also be able to help create a fruitful human relations plan that will include the following tasks: finding, managing and evaluating potential employees. Once that process is finished, the consultant hires an employee they see fit.

Will a human relations consultant be able to handle everything related to employees?

This all really depends on the company; some companies are easily able to handle every aspect of the human relations department while others will specialize in certain areas. The most common specialty areas are: payroll, recruiting, risk management, benefits, law compliance and technology solutions.

What are the potential benefits of using a consultant for this process?

The most obvious benefit is the freedom that a consultant will bring; a business owner is now able to focus more on growing their business and less on the employee services. However, that is just one of many.  Hiring a consultant ensures that you are getting advice from someone who is an expert in their field; in this case, it would be human relations. This type of consultant will be able to benefit any type of business greatly.

A consultant is not a full-time employee. Therein is the irony of hiring a human relations consultant; they will not be a full-time employee that has to be on the official payroll. A consultant is only there when you need them. This is one of the greatest benefits to business owners. Having the ability to call someone who is an expert in human relations at any time is an extremely valuable asset.  Consultants are a little easier to manage when it comes to payroll, as well. There are no payroll taxes to deal with and no benefits to assign and/or manage. This is another perk for small business owners.

Are there any disadvantages to hiring a consultant?

Unfortunately, there are disadvantages to everything in life and that’s no different here. Cost may be an issue. When you hire an expert in any field, you can always expect to pay top dollar for their knowledge. Consultants typically cost more, but remember:  consultants are on an as-needed basis. A human relations consultant may be an expert in the field of human relations, but they may not know how your company in particular functions. The initial consultation should help overcome this issue, but if your business is rather complicated, a consultant may require more time to fully comprehend the inner workings of your company. This also points back to the cost issue. It may be a wise idea to ask the consultant in the beginning if they have had any experience working with a business like your own.

As you can see, there are more advantages to using a human relations consultant than there are disadvantages. Any shrewd business owner should always evaluate the pros and cons of hiring any type of consultant before actually going through and contacting any of the number of HR consulting firms; after all, a human relations consultant is supposed to help a business grow, not cause more problems.

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