Is it Time to Move to a New Space?

Have you found your office space not conducive to your needs? Maybe you are a growing company that needs space for more employees. Maybe you just need a better location. Whatever the case may be, moving into a new office is a big task. If you are relocating to somewhere close to your current office, the task isn’t quite as daunting. But if you are moving to another state or country, this can be a tough transition even for the most organized of people.

Either scenario will require the same basic planning. First and possibly foremost you are going to want to get your team on board. This move is going to affect your staff and you are going to want their help. Once everyone is excited about the change, you will be able to move it along much more efficiently. You will want to create a timeline. This transition can leave your networks down and make working difficult. The longer this takes, the less business is being done. For a small office you should prepare for this move to take 3 months from start to finish. For a larger space, plan for 6 months.

Once you have picked your new location you will want to gather all the information on it as possible. If you can, get blue prints or a layout of the new space. You will want to know where all electrical outlets are and how much storage space is available. You will want to compare your current office with the layout of the new space. This will help you to resolve any problems you may be having with your current setup.

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Make note of any potential problems with your new office. If your space requires cosmetic changes such as paint or the opening up of space, you will want to start that immediately. If you have multiple departments within your business, try to appoint one person from each department to head up their area. This person will make sure that each person is taking responsibility for their desk and are staying on track with the schedule provided.

Chances are you have a budget set aside for moving day. If you don’t, you will want to figure out exactly how much you can spend. You will want to have this number prior to packing. There are hidden costs everywhere and you will want to iron out those details to avoid any surprises. Schedule regular meetings leading up to the move, your staff will need and want to be informed. This move is not only stressful for you, by communicating details with your staff you will eliminate in unnecessary concerns.

If you are moving your business to a new state, chances are a good portion of your staff won’t be coming with you. This leaves you worried about not only the move by hiring a new staff. This transition can be difficult. However, you should still follow general guidelines stated above. You will also want to look into warehousing and shipping for those items that won’t fit on your truck or are not making the move with you.

Like anything else, you can ease the anxiety by planning. Doing a little bit at a time and sticking to a timeline will make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

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