Subliminally Drive Awareness With Promotional Items

A steady stream of traffic to your store front or website is the key to sales. That simple, right? Or is it? It’s a numbers game and you know the more prospects you have in the funnel, the better chance you have at making a great sale.

So how do you increase prospect traffic?

Here are three easy ways to increase awareness of your company by strategically using promotional items in your branding strategy:

The World Wide What?

by steveleenow

Your website is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your company’s arsenal. The problem with a website is that people tend to think simply having one is sufficient. It isn’t. If you have been told your website is advertising, you were told wrong. It isn’t. You have to advertise your website. You have to constantly promote your website and its web address. Adding it to all of your custom marketing materials, advertising, social media efforts, and business forms is necessary. You have to drive the traffic yourself (or hire someone to do it). Check out some of the promotional products available at InkHead for ideas to get started.

Take It Social Already

A handful of years ago marketing and advertising were very different then now. Traditional media — the “Big Three” (radio, TV, and print) reigned. Social media was new on the scene and although some businesses jumped right in others took years to climb aboard the party bus. No one really knew what to expect and the results have been mixed.

Businesses that only dabble with platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn will be pegged by consumers as those trying to make a weak attempt at advertising. Businesses that really embrace and evolve with digital media on the other hand come across as hip, fresh, and engaged. Engagement is currently where it’s at and if your business isn’t plugged in you will feel the repercussions.

Run a fun on-line contest (also incorporate your website) and give away some great customized prizes. Keep them useful; they will have a longer life span and your company’s name and logo will get more impressions out of the gesture.

Referrals, Referrals, Referrals

Do you get them? Why not? Are you actively seeking them? This means asking for them. If you have good customer/client retention then you should definitely be asking for referrals. If you don’t have good customer/client retention then check out these 5 Ways to Beef Up Your Client Relations.

Retention is your bread and butter. These customers pay your bills and they do so because they like you, your product, or your service. They are walking advertisements for what you have to offer. Sadly, if their experience was bad they’d be yelling it from the mountain. It doesn’t work that way when their experience is positive, you need to ask them to shout it from the mountain.

Have you hosted a “Customer Appreciation” event or sent out an annual appreciation letter? Why not? Have some customized promotional items made just for this purpose. Getting qualified referrals takes effort, but the additional traffic it generates is worth it in the end.

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