How a Telecom Audit can decrease your Expenditure and Boost Productivity

A telecom audit is a valuable process which looks to help you uncover savings from your company’s telecom expenses. This means taking a comprehensive look at the current state of your telecommunications environment. This can involve conducting a review of telecom, wireless, and network customer service records. Furthermore, it includes examining records to assess the efficiency of system controls, recommending changes to controls, policies, or procedures, and analysing lines. In addition rates, tariffs, plans, usage, and systems in order to reduce costs.

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A good telecom auditor works to save you money. Similarly, you want this service to reveal the truth you and help you make the best decisions for your organisation.

A Telecom Audit Checklist for Cost Reduction and Productivity

Telecom audit can be free, like the service offered by Planet Numbers. It can also decrease your expenditure and boost productivity. Here we show you how.

Exposing incorrect rates

An auditor, or auditing company, is well aware of the going rates for telecommunications and can quickly spot overcharging. They also know which services your company needs and which ones you never agreed to in the first place. As a result, auditors can expose telecom providers, can get your rates amended, and secure discounts. Moreover, it helps obtain refunds for overcharges as far back as the situation has been going on.

Identify billing errors

You can easily be charged for services that you have been assessed for incorrectly – things like internet security monitoring, online faxing, and voicemail. This is referring to as ‘cramming’, which means the client has been charged without their knowledge or approval. This doesn’t always mean a sinister service from a provider. However, as often charges are simply applied to the wrong companies. An auditor can identify and correct these errors.

Revealing unnecessary lines, circuits, services, and features

Business owners and managers often operate unnecessary means for telecommunication. A reliable auditor will research your company well and work with you to determine what features your business truly needs, and which ones can be gotten rid of. The auditor needs your consent before making any changes. So, it makes you assure that you’re involved in the process.

Working with carriers on your behalf

It can be difficult and stressful to get through to telecoms providers. Firstly, You could find yourself being left on hold for hours. Secondly, transferred to the wrong department or simply not having your concerns appropriately dealt with. An auditor, however, will deal with all of this for you and can convince providers to correct the issue. Telecom customers are against many unfair advantages. Telecoms audit will level this playing field.

New technologies to boost productivity

The main objective of a telecoms audit is to save you – the client – money. However, a good telecom auditor will recommend technologies and new innovations. However, which can result in even greater money saving and a boost to your company’s productivity. Ensuring that you’re using the best technology for your business means. That you run less risk of operating unnecessary lines, circuits, and services in the future.

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