12 Tips for a Physically and Mentally Balanced Life

Balanced Life

It’s vital for everyone to get improved physical and mental balanced life especially in the entire modern era! Below are some of the best tips in this regard:

Tip 1: Water the Elixir of Life!

Human body consist nearly more than half of water, and the more water you drink, the more your skin gets flourished and nourished with water. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Water transports nutrients and minerals throughout the body, cleanses toxic substances and makes the process of digestion easier by increasing bowel movements.

Tip 2: Good Food Thrice in a Day and Don’t Skip your Breakfast!

A regular energy input and nutrients for your body comes from a minimum of three balanced meals in a day, as it regulates the metabolic rate and provides energy throughout the day.

Morning breakfasts allows one to take in more minerals, vitamins, less fat and cholesterol. If you want to be a champion, may be a bowl of oats with fruits in the morning is unsurpassable! Do you want reduce your weight? Eat Breakfast!

A balanced lunch will help to complete the afternoon tasks effectively and efficiently until the evening coffee… and back home, still bright and fresh as you leave in the morning!

Dairy products are rich in calcium and strengthen bones and teeth, lower blood pressure, prevent kidney stone formation, heart diseases and colon cancer! Above all, my dad uses this for his reduced calorie meal plan!!! He is cutting down his obesity.

Fish and omega-3-fatty acids have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease! They also activate your immune system against a wide range of diseases.

Tip 3: sleep well! Get up Early!

6 to 8 hours sleep every night assure you wake up fresh and briskly. Sleep is very important for both good health and mental well-being.  Sleep deprivation decreases learning capacity by affecting memory, learning ability and logical reasoning skills. If you lack sleep, you will drive drowsily that has been the cause for some of the major accidents. If you think you did not have enough sleep, sleep sufficiently for at least 10 hours to break your drowsiness.

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Tip 4: Exercise Regularly!

Exercise has many physical and emotional benefits:

Physical: Prevention of diseases such as heart diseases and high blood pressure, improved stamina, and controls obesity.

Emotional: Promotes good and happy feelings that will improve assertiveness and ascertain confidence.

Exercise gives healthy, long-life. Regular and realistic exercise routine reduces stress, improves digestion and regulates sleeping pattern.

Tip 5:  Healthy Teeth! Healthy Life!

Good oral health is the key to overall health! Brushing teeth twice a day is the best way to shoo away amoebic diseases and dental plagues. Oral diseases could be the major cause for stroke, diabetes and low weight. Brushing and flossing your teeth will keep it creamy white, intact and health. Thus, you chew properly, speak properly and smile with dignity!

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Tip 6: Healthy, Smooth and Wealthy Skin!

Skin covers the entire body and is the largest organ in the body; first line of defense mechanism; prevents from cancer; and is the most attractive organ in the body. A smooth, glowy skin is a divine gift! Nourish it well with water; feed well with good food; protect from harmful sunrays; use sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15 or higher; a hat and protective clothing will save from harsh weather of sun, wind and cold; use cold creams; and eat plenty of juicy fruits and drink lots of green tea with antioxidants! There you go, a beautiful skin!

Tip 7: Have Social Connections!

Volunteer! Develop good peer network! Do your prayers in the community! Go Shopping! Attend Parties and family functions! Join online communities! Keep in touch! Catch up when possible! Take regular time outs and your work rate will increase! Develop good relationships and spend time with your children, pets and family!

Tip 8: Reduce Stress and Learn to Relax!

Learn to meditate and a few relaxation techniques! Some do Yoga! Some Dance! Some Sing or Paint! Cut your Caffeine! Caffeine increases blood pressure and reduces work anxieties! Caffeine is a stress booster that adds fuel to the fire! Take a walk out for your work than an email to catch up with a colleague in fresh air outside the cold room of your office! You will feel much more relaxed than anyone else will! Do lots of Window Shopping – Keeps you away from financial constraints! Develop a hobby! Enjoy it with your heart! I have a seasonal hobby!

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Tip 9: Set Priorities, Visualize and Become Adventurous!

Visualize your dreams and goals; create what you will be in a few years from now! Your dreams will relieve your stress!

Turning adventurous once in a while, and stepping out of comfort zone will make you feel confident and will promote personal growth!

Face that you will not like to face!

Live in the present! Learn from the Past! Work for the Future!

Try to make the best of every given opportunity! Never let the things you get to go! Your life unfolds once you have done everything in your fold!

Tip 10: Be Good and Competent! Cope Well!

No one can be perfect! Perfection is a MYTH! This only creates stress. Rather develop on your competency to do the job well given to you. Give your best shot in everything you do, if not try to do the best next time!

Talk to yourself and that will reinforce your abilities and achievements!

Be Practical! Be more pragmatic! Know your limitations! Know your boundaries!

Develop skills – Take a break – see the area of lacunae! Work on time management, people management, stress management, and what not you can do! Everything down under the sun and all is in your hands!

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Tip 11:  Set Priorities! Plan and Organise!

Build a chart and know what is important to you at this stage of life! Focus on that piece of work!

Do not work on too many projects! Be positive, but expect the unexpected! So always, have a contingency plan in hand.

Always adjust your game plan! You will always get things happening on the way, but you will surely reach the ultimate goal!

You should be able to say ‘no’ to others; likewise, say ‘yes’ to you. Have your time! When you know you are not going to have for yourself!

Saying “no” is not that easy! No, is the most powerful word that can keep you from guilt and conscientiousness! This will make your life more meaningful and will give you the content of fulfillment! Hence, a more satisfied life!

To have a fun and relaxed life; guard your personal and private time! For this plan well, and you will ample time for yourself. You can fit in most of the activities that you want to do!

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Tip 12: Develop Integrity! Live the Golden Rule of Gandhi!

Live the golden rule told by Gandhi “Treat others as you want to be treated”! However, one cannot assure that you will be treated the way you want to be treated…

Be Yourselves!  Trust your beliefs; and respect others beliefs! Let not others convince you to be someone else and follow what you do not want to! Just be true to you!

Learn to live a simple life in other words, keep things simple!

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