528 Pound Mother Gives Birth

Victoria Lacatus, a 25 year old, 528 pound Romanian, gave birth to her first baby. With great risks of life she gave birth to a 6.4 pound baby at the hospital for the obese at Budapest.

She was lifted by firefigters in the ambulance to be equipped to and fro the advanced hospital for obese. The baby was wanted dearly by the couple.

Victoria’s fiancé is a much slimmer, 70 kg weighing man. They wanted the child as insignia of their love. The baby girl was healthy and was born by a Caeserean section.

She weighed 2.9 kgs or 6.4 pounds which is quite a normal range for a healthy baby. Lacatus was admitted to the hospital from her village which is located at the South of Romania since the local hospital there could not provide for a bed that could support her weight.

The team of ambulance staff and firefighters were appointed in Bucharest to carry them to the hospital. Lacatus was also being carefully monitored through her conditions especially since she had a thyroid problem. Post surgery complications were also monitored for her morbid obesity reasons.

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