Acne Vulgaris

Acne vulgaris is a skin disease which affects both young and old.  It is very common skin infection which affects approximately 85 to 100% of the population in one point of man’s lives.


Acne Vulgaris is also confused by some as the same with acne rosacea but is more commonly known as pimples, spots, whiteheads, blackheads, zits which leave behind acne scars and acne marks.

Type of Acne Vulgaris

There are different types of acne vulgaris which varies in its severity of its condition.

Acne Rosacea

This type of adult acne appears in people aged thirty and beyond. It is characterized by red rashes which are confined in the cheeks, chin and forehead however these bumps are accompanied by bumps, skin blemishes and pimples. As the condition of acne rosacea worsens, blood vessels may appear more visible and may even lead to swelling nose and growth of excess tissue on the face called rhinophyma. Due to the complexity of this skin irritation, acne treatment is rarely given to patients with acne rosacea.


This is a type of hormonal acne which appears on the face when pores are completely blocked by trapped oil, dead skin cells and bacteria.

Acne Vulgaris

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This is another type of hormonal acne which is the result of partially blocked pores cause by bacteria, dead skin cells and trapped sebum. The black color, although often associated with dirt, is a result of the skins own pigment reacting with oxygen in the air.


These are types of acne that are red, inflamed and appears as tend bumps but without heads. Never attempt to squeeze papules because it will only exacerbate acne scars.


These are types of acne that are inflamed with the appearance of red circles with a white yellow center. It may be squeezed but if you do no know how to handle these properly it is best not to pop it and instead apply the best acne products to help get rid of acne scars.

Best Treatment for Acne

There are different ways of getting rid of acne scars especially if you have already identified what causes acne.

Typically, home remedies for acne is best used and applied on the skin because it is free from synthetic and harmful products which may cause skin irritation and allergies. However, there are instances wherein professional treatment may be necessary so as to remove acne scars.

Natural Acne Treatment

The following acne home remedies are recommended and are considered the best treatment for acne.

  1. Drink plenty of water. This may be disregarded by some but drinking at least eight glasses of water each day is the most basic acne tips everyone should follow.
  2. Eat fruits particularly berries and apples that are rich with powerful anti-oxidants as your snack instead of junk foods. Help combat acne marks and avoid acne scar by considering these fruits as natural acne cures.
  3. Make your own concoction of natural acne cure by combining apple cider vinegar, honey, and oatmeal as a natural acne medication.

Acne Scar Treatment

Amidst the strong advice of dermatologists to their patients to avoid popping out their pimples, some refuse to follow this recommendation so they end up with acne marks and acne scars. It becomes too severe that dermatologists are left with no other option but to perform laser treatment for acne like dermabrasion on their patients. Nevertheless, as much as possible dermatologist would wish to avoid these types of laser treatment for acne because it is costly so they prescribe acne pills like asepxia and other anti-acne products that can help acne scar removal.


This is a type of surgical skin planning which makes use of wire brush or diamond wheel with rough edges so as to remove the upper layers of the skin which has suffered extreme acne scars and marks. The brush is allowed to rotate rapidly to help take off and level the top layers of the skin thus make room for the growth of new and healthier set of skin.


This is an alternative acne treatment which works similarly with Max Clarity, Clearasil, and Proactiv which are known as one of the best acne treatments. This is very a very prominent acne cure for teens in South America and Mexico and is very much applauded because of its efficacy against acne.

Acne vulgaris

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Arm Acne Vulgaris

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There are varying causes of acne and dozens of acne treatments which claim that their product is the best treatment for acne however the most believable acne solution is proper skin hygiene and healthy diet. There is nothing more effective that what is found in nature. There are several reports of anti-acne products which instead of providing solution to acne problems results to severe types of acne.

If you are not sure with the anti-acne product to use it is best to wait for the opinion of your dermatologist about it.


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