Best Exercises to Strengthen Joints 2018

Strengthen Joints

Soreness of the joints is said to be Arthritis. Arthritis is a major problem which affects millions of people each and every year. It actually refers to the condition which causes pins in all your joints. As an individual gets older this problem called arthritis may cause. Overweight, poor posture or even a previous injury may also cause this arthritis problem to the people. Generally, an individual who is suffering from arthritis only has problems in the joints of their hip, knee, and spine.

Ride a bicycle:

Ride a bicycle
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Bicycling is not like walking, running, aerobic dancing and other weight-bearing activities. It is gentle on your joints and can be done easily by people of all ages.

Climb the stairs:

Climb the stairs
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This type of exercise is almost certainly one of the most capable ways of strengthening the bones, muscles, and joints of your lower body. You don’t need an association in a classy health club: the stairs are in your home or at the mall will do just fine.


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Swimming is also an effective exercise for the strengthening of your joints. Even if you can’t swim, you can use the pool for an exceptional exercise to help strengthen your joints. You won’t want to do exercise if it’s hot and humid outside. But doing exercise in the swimming pool will not only cool you off, it also can set you on the road to a healthier lifestyle. More people don’t like to do exercise. They like to sit comfortably before TV instead. But swimming exercise will make them enjoy the exercise and it excites you to make several times in a week.


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Stretching exercises are the efficient way to strengthen your joints. It keeps you supple and feeling good at the same time. Stretching is a good exercise recommended by the fitness experts. They say that this exercise can be done for at least half an hour stretching two or three times a week.

Leg extension:

Leg extension is also an effective exercise to strengthen your joints. It works the quadriceps muscle. This may cause you to over extend your knee.


Isometric exercises are also good to strengthen your joints and muscles. In these exercises, you tighten your muscles, but you should not move your joints. It helps build your muscles without moving sore full joints. It strengthens your joints.

Isotonic exercises:

This is also a kind of exercise which strengthens your joints. In these exercises, you reinforce muscles by moving your joints. When you press your knee toward the floor, you are doing an isotonic exercise to make stronger your thigh muscle.

Do these exercises daily or each other day. On days when you have more sore and inflammation you can adjust your program by leaving out or decreasing the strengthening exercises. Consult your therapist or doctor about ways to do this. Exact strengthening exercises can be done for different joints. These should be done only if you feel comfortable. If you have queries about whether you should be doing these exercises, contact your doctor.

The range of motion exercises:

These exercises are paying attention to keeping the back joints supple, relieving hardness and maintaining typical joint motion in the back. These may include winding sideways, forward, and backward.

To make stronger the muscles of the chest, put your hands in front of your chest, palms together, elbows at sides. Push your palms together, holding for a count of five. Keep breathing. In nature, the abdominal muscles, put one hand on your stomach. Breathe in, and then breathe out tapering your abdominal muscles while pressing your lower back adjacent to a chair. Hold for up to a count of five. Inhale or breathe normally, comforting your abdominal muscles.

These are some of the exercises that strengthen your joints.

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