Foods that Cause High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is also known as high blood pressure. This is most popular and common ailment arising out of heart. Most of the human beings are affected by this condition. Hypertension can be defined that the pressure or force exerted against the arterial walls while the heart pumps each time and the maximum pressure measured in this process is called systolic pressure and the minimum pressure in between the beats is called the diastolic pressure.

This condition is attained in every hypertensive person slowly and it reaches the maximum pressure. In the initial stage of this condition one does not show or feel any symptoms. They develop symptoms only in the later stages. The common symptoms are giddiness in most of the cases, head aches of mild or severe form, nose bleeding in rare cases, dizzy spells. Somebody doesn’t develop symptoms even in the advanced stages and it is noticeable only during regular health checkups. The normal human blood pressure is 120/80 mm Hg. When it is up to 140/90 it is called transitional. Up to 160/100 it can be called as essential hypertension and it is also comes under transitional. When it goes and settles beyond 160/100 mm Hg. It is typically called hypertension and it is a permanent condition.

Hypertension is caused in individuals due to various causes such as heredity, hormone changes linked with kidney activity, obesity, excess salt intake pattern, low potassium intake and alcohol intake.

There are two risk factors for high blood pressure. 1. Weight 2. Salt. These are the two factors involved in forming and maintaining the high blood pressure. To control the blood pressure in the normal range, it is possible to select a food (“high blood pressure diet”) that will keep up the body weight in normal or will reduce if necessary and salt intake within the norms of about of 2400 mg per day. This will enable the body to maintain or reduce the high blood pressure and hence it is well known fact that food plays an important role in lowering the high blood pressure. In fact, Dieting and food is a large subject that can not be covered in a small detail here. But some of the valuable information about food in causing the high blood pressure is given herein.

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High blood pressure is one of the serious cardiac diseases that can lead to stroke, heart and kidney failure. This is common among aged one and it contributes to millions of death all over the world. Although most of the people is unaware of it and earlier detection of this disease will help in controlling it. At the same time it is important that every hypertensive should know about the foods that cause high blood pressure.

When a person is diagnosed for hypertension, he is prescribed with medication. But it is most important that he should understand and practice the life style changes which include weight management, low salt diet, controlled physical activity and low alcohol intake. It is also true that most of the complications that occur in this condition is because of the food they intake without any control.

There are five types of foods that should be avoided.

1. Processed salt (sodium chloride) is the substance that is able to enhance or induce the blood pressure when taken in large quantity / too much along with food. Really salt is very essential for our body’s metabolism and it is harmful only when it is taken in high volume. The good alternative for processed or iodized salt is sea salt that can be used and the usage of the iodized salt to be reduced.

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2.  Some foods that we purchase in readily made condition are processed and treated in laboratory with hydrogenated oil. Hence, it should be avoided. If it is taken regularly it causes high blood pressure. So this type of food should be avoided. And when food is purchased every one should check whether it is processed with the hydrogenated oil by seeing the labels that contain more about the food preparation.

3. Avoid any kind of fatty food or foods that are high in Tran’s fat. It is well known fact that every diary product is having more fat than other food.

4. Toxic substances and chemicals are mostly contained in red meat which causes high blood pressure and hence red meat should be avoided.

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5. Sugar is the important factor that causes obesity and obesity in turn causes high blood pressure. Hence, it should be avoided.

Other things to be avoided.

Fried foods alike fatty foods are also causing high blood pressure. Cooking is to be done with oils like olive oil. Fatty meats are the most causative factor that induces high blood pressure. The fat content of the meat forms as deposits on the arterial walls and it causes reduced blood flow and high blood pressure. An alternative to this fatty meat, lean meat can be used.

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Foods that do not affect in blood pressure:

Food containing garlic, onion.  Olive oil, fruits and vegetables, skimmed milk, lean meat, plain rice, potatoes, whole grains, legumes, cauliflower.

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