Get Rid of Seasonal Allergies Naturally

Seasonal Allergies

Sneezing, itchy eyes, congestion are the disappointing symptoms of seasonal allergies and the sufferer is likely to feel in the hell. Seasonal allergies are common in people almost in the world. When an individual’s body is extra sensitive to certain things and the individual having the hyper sensitiveness is affected by seasonal allergies. This referred individual’s immune system respond unnecessarily or over-reacts to certain external stimuli like grass, hay, pollen and ragweed. An allergy is defined as a hyper sensitive state acquired by exposure to particular allergen and re-exposure bringing to light an altered capacity to react or when our immune system encounters an allergen, it creates a defensive state of response and it releases more chemicals of inflammation to fight it. This inflammation causes most of the allergic symptoms.

Nasal congestion can be easily relieved by taking hot foods and it fastly clears the congestion. You may add cayenne pepper to your food which may also helps you to relieve from the nasal congestion. Keep a bowl of horseradish on your bedside and a puff or whiff will help you to get your breathe easier. Take a cup of filtered lukewarm water with a spoon of salt.

Pour it in to a pot. Show your head to it. Tilt your head first to left and then to right. Inhale and exhale forcefully through your nose for some time and repeat the same. You will be getting rid of your seasonal allergies of nasal congestion quickly. Boil the water in a pan and remove it from the burner, add few drops of eucalyptus oil and have a towel on your head and make a tent. Put your head and face near the pot and have long and deep breathes for some time in the boiled eucalyptus water. Now you are relieved from your seasonal allergies and your sinuses will be cleared neatly and you will have your breathe easier. Even adding some drops of eucalyptus oil to your kerchief and taking a whiff will ease your sinuses from congestion.

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Your mucous membranes, noses, sinuses are cleaned by using a neti pot. It gives you more benefit of relief. The pot is used with filtered lukewarm water and salt. The usage of this soothes your mucous membranes. There is a convenient alternative for neti pot which is called as sinus survival spray and this can be used in place of neti pot. This is like a spray bottle with a suitable lid on the top. Fill the bottle with filtered lukewarm water with a little salt and baking soda. This mixture can be inhaled directly by your nostrils and repeat the same for several times. This will heal your allergy affected mucous membranes.

Acupressure is an alternative medicine in relieving seasonal allergies like sinus congestion. This is a method by which pressure is given in certain points of the body by fingers and this pressure will give relief of allergic symptoms. It is true, in this system, there is no necessary to give pressure in the part actually affected and this pressure can be given in the hand webbing itself in between thumb and index finger. There is certain herbal antihistamine which reacts to your histamine produced by the seasonal allergy. The good example of this group of natural and herbal anti histamine is stinging nettle (urtica dioica.) This can be taken from the on set of the allergic symptoms and may be used till you have a complete recovery.

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Homeopathy is a system of medicine, and it contains largely its medicine from natural sources like plants, minerals and animals. They do their best in relieving from the seasonal allergies like itchy and burning eyes of allergic causes. For example that the drug extracted from onion is used to cure the allergic symptoms of eye.

Inflammation is the most important symptom in allergic disorders. And it is a well known fact that food plays an important roll by having specific allergens in it. The common allergens of food are saturated fat and refined foods. Saturated fat is contained in all dairy foods and animal proteins. Refined foods are white flour and sugar. These foods are to be avoided by individuals who are prone to hypersensitive to any allergens. Like wise in pollen and other seasonal allergens your body is apt to fight against the allergens that contained in your food also. Avoid such foods which are having saturated fat and refined food.

Your immune cells can be strengthened by having regular intake of flavonoids rich foods like onions, citrus fruits and berries. Essential fatty acids are very effective in fighting against any inflammation of allergic causes. It is contained in fish, nuts and seeds including walnuts. Olive oil is very best of this kind. Have this along with your daily food.

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Quercetin and grapeseed extract are the two most important antioxidants and using these two regularly will lessen the allergies in the long term. Use these two antioxidants during the allergy seasons and you will positively have the relief from inflammatory allergic symptoms.

Stress is said to be one of the most important factor and it is believed that this stress triggers the allergic symptoms like sneezing and wheezing. Hence by avoiding the stress you may get rid of your seasonal allergies and its symptoms. If you are very sensitive to pollen and dust it is suggested to have a negative ion generator at your home and workspace. This generation of negative ion will draw pollen, dust and smoke out of the air. And it is helpful also in stimulating your cilia of mucous membranes which will sweep all dusts and pollen from the lung, nose and sinuses.

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See a homeopathy practitioner if you fail to have relief by self natural medication. They will enquire about your personal histories and about your symptoms and they will prescribe you the medicines systematically which will lessen your allergic symptoms within a short period by their medicines that are always derived from natural plants.
Visit holistic doctors or naturopathic doctors who are trained in conventional treatment methods. They will treat you with nutrition and supplements or they will add you to mind-body medicine which will relieve you from your seasonal allergies.

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  3. Causes of Itchy Eyes:

    * Allergies
    It will often cause for the eye to turn red. It’s accompanied by itching; but thankfully it isn’t contagious.
    * Pinkeye
    In medical terms, this is called conjunctivitis. This is caused by a bacterial infection. It is generally highly contagious and most likely to affect younger children, especially those of school going age.

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