How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week

How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week

The cabbage soup diet is an ideal weight loss diet formed to take over a period of seven days. It is accepted that it is only a low calorie soup which reduces body weight. This cabbage soup is considered as one of the fad diet which is able to reduce weight within a short period. Fad diets are diets which promote weight loss and are capable of treating obesity. It works by certain mechanisms other than calorie restriction. The intention of this diet is to reduce the weight drastically within a week (up to 10 pounds in a week). But however it is argued that it is impractical to lose much fat within a week and it is contended that the weight loss is occurred only due to loss of weight that happens in the body fluid like water.

The origin of this diet is uncertain but it attained its popularity in the recent years between 1980 and 1985.  This soup diet is having several names and they are almost linked with familiar institutions. Some of the names are military cabbage soup, sacred heart diet and general motor diet. Originally it has evidence that this cabbage soup was used in obese type of patients who had undergone heart surgery. It is believed that these patients of obese type was lowered the risk of complications after surgery.

The preparation of this soup is differed to many and they are prepared and used in different flavor by adding seasonal herbs. The necessary ingredients for the soup as follows. Large onions, green peppers, a bunch of celery, cabbage, tomatoes, dry onion soup mix, 1 or 2 cubes bouillon, pepper, salt, garlic powder, parsley, curry powder, soy sauce and seasonal herbs. Soup is prepared by boiling all the ingredients until they become soft after adding enough water. This base soup again can be added with seasonal herbs according to taste to add flavor.

It is best to adhere the following diet programme to attain the weight loss of 10 pounds in a week. Generally fruit juice without having sweet is allowed and the beverages are restricted to water.

Day 1 is scheduled only with cabbage soup with plenty of fruit juice. But banana is excluded on day one.

Day 2 diet is planned with cabbage soup. Vegetables are allowed with potato. A small quantity of butter is permitted.

Day 3 diet some what convenient and it is with cabbage soup plus vegetable and fruit. But on this third day banana and potato is avoided.

Day 4 is having cabbage soup with plenty of bananas (even up to eight numbers) and more skimmed milk is allowed.

Day 5 is having a relief in the diet pattern. Cabbage soup is accompanied by 10 ounces of beef. Six numbers of tomatoes are granted.

Day 6 is entirely different from the first 5 days. Cabbage soup is allowed with much beef and many vegetables. But this day potatoes are not permitted.

Day 7 is having cabbage soup. Unsweetened fruit juice is allowed with vegetables (but not potatoes) and brown rice is also permitted.

Many medical authorities and dietitians are criticizing the soup diet because of the high sodium content of the soup. And this high sodium content is added to add taste and make it more palatable. But this high quantity of sodium chloride is not recommended for the persons those who are already suffering from their . Generally sodium chloride is not permitted in large quantity to the persons affected by high blood pressure since it takes part in elevating the pressure. So it is argued that this soup design is not suitable for every one. More over, it is also mentioned that this soup does not have any fat content.

The protein content of the soup is also zero. Hence, this type of soup containing no protein and fat is not useful to all who takes this regime of food type for a week. It is advised if it is taken somebody may feel weakness and tiredness. Light headed ness may also occur. It is also strongly believed the weight loss of 10 pounds also is due only with the total loss of water content of the body and not of the fat reduction. Hence, it is believed that this design would not keep the body from weight loss permanently.

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The common form of soup of any kind is agreeable and non- irritating though there is a spicy variation. But few are able to manage the whole seven days with this diet of soup. And most of the people are not tolerated with this soup pattern and unable to manage the long seven days programme. It is true this type of soup pattern causes flatulence in several people which is not fit for healthier atmosphere and there the need arises to seek for medical help. This extreme end of having no protein for the longer period causes muscle weakness and eventually the basal metabolic rate (BMR) is reduced. Thus the weight loss process is also delayed with no much result in weight loss. The deprived condition of fat and protein causes an unhealthy atmosphere. If you want a more permanent weight loss solution set up an appointment in one of the many bariatric surgery Dallas centers available and see if it’s a good option for you.

The criticism on cabbage soup can be altered by reducing sodium and enhancing the soup with fat and protein proportionately and thereby a healthier and weight reducing cabbage soup can be made.

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