Know About 10 Simple Winter Skin Care Tips

The onset of winter is scary for people with dry skin. They get worried about the unsightly, flaky dry skin. If you are suffering with dry skin then this article presents an overview of the problems suffered in winter by people with dry skin and tips to protect the skin in even the worst winter.

General Skin Problems that Develop in Winter

In winter majority of us suffer with problem of dry skin but in few people it will be worst. The skin may show flaking, cracking and even inflammation. Cracked skin increases the risk of bacterial infections and hence, acne may also develop. Severe acne results in dark spots which totally ruin the appearance of the skin.

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Top Skin Care Tips for Winter

  1. Use oil based Moisturizers

    Majority of people use the same moisturizer for both winter and summer season. But, you need something more extra to protect the skin from cool breeze. It is recommended to use oil based moisturizers during winter season than the water based moisturizer. The effect of water based moisturizers remains only until either the water gets evaporated or the water is carried away by the bloodstream. After that the skin becomes stiff as usual. However, while selecting oil based moisturizers make sure to select those with natural oils such as avocado oil or almond oil. Avoid those containing either shea butter or oil as it blocks the facial pores. Take care of the skin even during nights by applying moisturizer before going to bed.

  2. Apply Sun Screen Lotion

    It is highly recommended to use sunscreen lotion even during the winter season. Skin becomes very sensitive during the winter season and is hence, more susceptible to sun burn. Make sure to apply sun screen lotion if you are going out in sun even for a short period of time. For effective results and to avoid greasy feeling, apply the sunscreen at least thirty minutes before going out.

  3. Install Humidifiers

    We use heaters during the winter season to keep the internal air warm. As a result all the moisture will be lost and the skin becomes dry. To prevent this install a humidifier in rooms to add back the lost moisture into the air. It is recommended to use humidifiers even in offices. Depending on the size of the house or the office install multiple humidifiers so as to spread the moisture evenly throughout the house or office.

  4. Try Vitamin E gels

    Skin around the eyes is very sensitive and most of them develop crow’s feet i.e. fine lines around the eyes in winter season. This problem can be solved very easily by applying vitamin E gel around the eyes lids. Make sure to apply the vitamin E gel gently starting from the inside crease of the eyelids. If you rub vitamin E gel on the skin there is a risk of bruising the already sensitive skin. Vitamin E gel not only gets rid of the fine lines around the eyes but also reduces any swelling of the lower eyelids.

  5. Exfoliate the Skin

    Deep cleansing of the skin helps to avoid most of the skin problems. You can use either the peach scrub or the apricot face scrubs for scrubbing the face once in every ten days. Scrubbing removes the dead skin cells that are blocking the skin pores and makes the skin glow. Thus, scrubbing helps to keep acne away from you. Make sure to not use the scrub daily.

  6. Practice Steaming

    To deep cleanse the skin steaming is another alternative to scrubbing. By steaming the skin pores gets widened and makes it very easy to clean the debris that is blocking the skin pores. To enjoy a soft skin even in winter add few drops of rosemary or lavender oil in water while seaming.

    Natural skin care tips to moisturize the skin from inside

    If the busy daily routine is preventing you to take care of your skin then here are some natural skin care tips that are inexpensive and do not require any additional effort or time.

  7. Drink Plenty of Water

    By drinking plenty of water it is very easy to overcome the problem of dry skin. It is recommended to drink eight to ten big glasses of water. Drinking plenty of water helps to eliminate the waste materials out of the body and also promotes the overall health. This is an inexpensive way to enjoy younger bright looking skin.

  8. Take Flaxseed Oil

    This is an excellent way to moisturize the skin from inside the body. You can have it either in powder form or as capsules. Flaxseeds are rich in omega-3-fatty acids that can do wonders for your health.

  9. Have more Fruits and Veggies

    Avoid junk and salty foods and concentrate on having more veggies. Root vegetables such as carrots, green leafy vegetables and water vegetables like pumpkins are good for skin. Fruits and vegetables provide all the required nutrients and improve the overall health.

  10. Use Corn, Safflower or Soybean Oil for Cooking

    Make sure to use these oils for cooking. These oils help in hydrating the skin by allowing more water penetration into the cell walls.

Lastly, if none of these skin care tips for winter work for you visit a dermatologist immediately without negligence. They will assess the problem and type of your skin and accordingly suggest a treatment regime.

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