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Natural Weight Loss

A reduction in the total body mass by means of loss of fluid, body fat, adipose tissue, tendon, muscle, bone mineral deposits and connective tissue is referred as weight loss in medical terms, physical fitness and health. Unintentional weight loss occurs in underlying diseases and it occurs intentionally with individual’s consciousness by way of stern effort to reduce overweight. Intentional weight loss means loss of total body mass to improve health and it may be to change the appearance. An individual who is overweight may reduce the weight by therapy and it may reduce the risk of having certain diseases like diabetes and heart attack. Health risks like expanding waist and more risk of having diabetes can be avoided by giving more attention to diet restriction and diet pattern. Negative energy balance gives rise to weight loss by taking the stored fat or muscles for energy conversion. It means the stored fat is utilized by body when it needs more fat than it receives from food.

Therapeutic weight loss is achieved by means of changing the eating or food patterns and by changing the life style. Totally it is resulted by minimizing the calories in the intake of food and increasing the physical activity. This will have a reduction in the body mass. The speed of metabolic activity and changes in the bowel movements are achieved by taking excess fiber food. Drugs and supplements take their own part in reducing the body weight by decreased appetite level or by blocking the fat absorption. Even surgery is useful to remove unwanted excess fat from the stomach region and there by weight loss obtained. Nutritional restriction is practiced with consciousness for more than 12 hours (water not restricted) and expected result in weight loss is obtained by this method of crash dieting.

Weight loss can be rewarding and effective and greatly improve health if it is achieved by natural weight loss supplements, exercises, and healthy consumption and when it is achieved by synthetic methods like weight reduction pills then it can not be thought as natural weight loss destination. It is a well known fact excess weight causes several cardio vascular, joint diseases and diabetes. Healthy and natural weight loss can extend the life period. Healthy weight loss can be achieved by taking natural weight loss supplements and it is by reacting to constant hunger. Healthy treatment of weight loss is obtained by taking natural hormones and herbal supplements.

Our health and body weight depends on our healthy digestive system. By the digestive action, we absorb nutrition, we excrete toxins, and we gain our energy and aids in the conversion of fat in to muscles. Inflammation is caused by food allergy, overgrowth yeast and emotional stress. Essential fatty acids are the substances that we obtain from our food and supplements help in reducing bowel inflammation, it decreases unwanted effects of stomach acids and also it helps liver in performing its normal function of processing the proteins in to muscle fiber, eliminating toxins. The natural essential fatty acids also help in the elimination of toxins from the intestines. It combines with fiber and cleans the intestinal debris which hurt the health and leads to weight gain. Essential fatty acids are also interfering in nervous and brain system and reduce the risk of having weight gain. The hormone balance is very essential for natural weight loss. As we grow old, the imbalance of hormone occurs and weight is gained gradually. Hence, it is true that hormone balance is very essential to keep our body slim and to attain natural weight loss. There are many natural hormone balancing products and natural essential fatty acid. Balancing natural chemistry and calming effect of our brain is very essential and it can be obtained by naturally available natural health care products which help in maintaining our brain in calmness with its natural chemistry and it leads to make our body suitably in burning the calories rather than saving the calories. The simple exercises like swimming and walking is enough to attain natural weight loss. Drinking sufficient amount of water is very essential to keep our digestive system healthier which leads to smart metabolism and to lose extra weight.

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Foods can be classified in to two main categories as for as weight loss is concerned. The first one is called high concentration foods and the second one is low concentration food. Grains, dairy products, meat, most of the junk foods are the best examples for highly concentrated in calories. And whereas vegetables and fruits are high in water content but low in calories. You need not eat less and you may eat more with these low calorie fruits and vegetables. Blood sugar level is increased swiftly by taking certain types of food and the level of the blood sugar is increased slowly by taking some types of foods. A spike in the blood sugar level produces body fat.

There is a misconception that complex sugar contained in bread, potatoes and pasta are entering the blood stream slowly and the simple sugar in the fruits enters the blood stream quickly. But it is the fact that the sugar in fruits only reaches the blood stream slowly and the sugar in bread, potatoes and beans enter the blood stream very fastly. Insulin is needed in small quantity only for the fructose that commonly present in fruits that enters the blood stream in a gentle way. Complex carbohydrates that contained in bread melt in the mouth itself into simple sugar because of the action of the alpha-amylase that is present in the saliva.

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Taking in a small piece of bread will transform up to 50% of its starch into simple sugar before it reaches the stomach. Fruit is the better source of fuel than the bread and beans that is capable of sustaining energy without exerting much pressure on pancreas for more insulin. Fructose of fruits does not need insulin to break down and it is slowly absorbed in the lower intestinal walls. Generally, all starches are made up of a chain of sugar molecules. By digestion, these chains are broken down to simple sugars. All foods like fruits, bread and beans are finally broken down to glucose. Out of these foods, fruits are the only thing that requires minimum digestion to supply glucose fuel which our body needs.

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  2. Sasha says:

    As with other health goals, weight loss should be thoroughly planned in order to avoid harm and disappointment. Good thing that my weight loss supplement is proven safe for my quest to slimming down.

  3. It's important to understand the best diets to lose weight don't subject you to extremes; such as eliminating the majority of food from your diet or exercising for 12 hours a day. Although these extremes may work in some isolated conditions, they are not the most effective way for you to burn the fat off; and keep it off. In fact it could cause dangerous health concerns down the roadas well as causing you to gain back all the weight you've lost; as soon as you stop dieting

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