Symptoms of Depression

Symptoms of Depression

Depression is a serious issue that has to be taken care immediately once identified. Depression seems to vary from person to person. The signs and symptoms of depression are quite common. The symptoms of depression very often form a part of the normal life of human and remain unidentified most of the time. This leads to severe depression and the person affected by it may end up their life all of a sudden unaware of what they are doing. If the symptoms are stronger then it means that they have lasted very longer and therefore need to be dealt immediately. Medical help has to be sought quickly if the symptoms of depression are overwhelming and disabling.

The common symptoms of depression could be any among the following:

Depressed mood:

One of the common symptoms that depressed people exhibit is depressed mood. Such people always report that they feel “sad” and “empty”. They keep complaining about all things that happen to them.

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Also some of the children and even adolescents exhibit irritability. The people also experience extreme sadness and find no happiness in anything they do. They remain too quiet and do not talk to people around them. They feel lonely very often and they keep thinking deeply about something always. All this together, result in depression. People with depressed mood also lose interest in former hobbies, pastimes, and any other daily activity. Also they will lose their ability to feel joy and pleasure.

Weight Changes

Significant changes in weight are yet another symptom of depression. There is no gain or lose of weight consistently. It is an indication of depression. Sometimes in children this may also present as a failure to make expected weight gains. Also loss of appetite is also a symptom of depression. People suffering from depression do not eat as usual. The quantity of food intake is considerably less than their normal intake. This is because they experience a total loss of appetite and wish to stay away from food.

Disturbances during sleep:

The most common and distinct symptom of depression is loss of proper sleep or sleeping beyond the regular time. Both Hypersomnia which is nothing but sleeping too much and insomnia which is improper sleep are symptoms of depression. Changes in the normal sleep duration of the person are also because of depression. People suffering from depression tend to wake in the early hours of the morning or sometimes they might experience over sleeping unaware of what is happening to them. This very often happens to people who work for more hours and find no time to take proper rest. Their mind is fully occupied with thoughts and so they suffer from disturbed sleep.


Another symptom of depression could be psychomotor agitation. The person with depression is observed to be agitated always. Also they are very often restless and this can be clearly seen in their daily activities. They tend to slow down their movements physically. The tolerance level of such depressed person is quite low and so they feel restless and agitated and they are always on the edge. Person with such king of agitated feeling feels everything on their nerves. They are unable to think for a while to take any decision. Most often they come into a conclusion without even properly deciding about it. They feel irritated even to talk to other people and like to stay away from people.

Loss of energy:

Deep fatigue and loss of energy is another common symptom of depression. People with depression sometimes experience loss of energy. Always they have a fatigued, sluggish feeling and find no interest in their regular activities. They are physically drained and feel bored to do any type of work. Also very often such people feel that their whole body is heavy and feel exhausted and tired frequently. Even very smaller tasks that are quite normal and usual seem to be exhausting and they take much time to complete them because they lack energy. They look miserable because they are not fresh and active and feel sick always.

Self loathing:

Sometimes depression also occurs when people feel inferior about themselves. An unusual symptom of depression could be self loathing. A strong feeling of worthlessness is the cause for such depression. People suffering from this kind of depression very often think that they are unworthy and this guilty feeling makes them feel depressed. They keep on criticizing themselves for any perceived faults and mistakes that might have happened either in workplace or even at home. They also feel that they are of no value to anyone in this world and worry unnecessarily about the things over which they have no control.

Concentration problems:

Another symptom of depression could be “brain fog”. This is a condition when persons with depression have a diminished ability to think, concentrate and make decisions. Their mind is always troubled and they have a number of queries in their mind which are un answered. They experience trouble in focusing towards particular things and also face problems in remembering certain things. This occurs generally because the people do not take proper rest after a day’s hard work. Their brain stops functioning as usual and the cells become weak and so they find a difference in them from their normal behavior. A feeling of helplessness and hopelessness always remain in their mind.

Unexplained pains:

Very often we notice that people who suffer with severe pain ultimately end their life by committing suicide because they are not able to bear the pain. Such unexplained aches and pains are also symptoms of depression. An increased head ache, sever back pain, unbearable stomach pain and even aching muscles are all symptoms of depression. People who experience such pains may have recurring thoughts of death. The thoughts are often committing suicide with or without a specific plan. The deep despair along with depression can make them feel that suicide is the only way to escape the pain. It is necessary to seek medical help in case if a person is undergoing severe pain

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