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What is Spermatocele? Its Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Spermatocele Do you have a small, painless lump in the scrotum? You may be having a medical condition known as Spermatocele. Know all about Spermatocele – its causes, symptoms and treatment. Spermatocele Definition Spermatocele is an abnormal cyst that appears on the testis or the epididymis. It looks like a lump and usually consists of a milky white fluid that may contain male sperm. It is due to the finding of sperm in the fluid that Spermatoceles are also known as Epididymal Cysts. This unnatural cyst is commonly seen in men who are between 40 and 60 years of age. It is a very common disease affecting about 1/3rd of the male pop...

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