Teenage Pregnancy Facts

What is Teenage Pregnancy?

Teenage Pregnancy is the state of pregnancy of a woman who is still in her teens. If the girl is younger than 20 years of age before the end of her pregnancy, it is a case of Teenage Pregnancy.

Causes of Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy may happen due to early marriage as is common in many developing countries. Unfortunate cases like rape or sexual abuse can also result in this situation. Unawareness of contraceptive devices and other safety measures is a major cause of rise in Teenage Pregnancy.

In recent years, Teenage Pregnancy is mainly the result of unprotected sexual activities between consenting teenagers. This is more particular in developed nations.

Why is there Teenage Pregnancy?

Having early sex, meaning sex prior to marriage or before attaining the right age, has become a trend these days.

Teenagers are increasingly indulging in sexual activities out of curiosity and to have instant gratification.

Intake of alcohol and drugs has also increased among teenagers in modern society. Use of these substances in high amounts lead to intoxication and excites teens to make them wilfully engage in unprotected sexual activities.

Carelessness in using contraceptive devices, as is common in intoxicated people, or non-use of protective measures is a prime factor behind Teenage Pregnancy in developed nations.

Teenage Pregnancy Facts And Figures

In spite of increasing awareness about sexual diseases and protection during sexual activities, Teenage Pregnancy is on the rise.

Teenage Pregnancy

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Here are some statistics on Teenage Pregnancy that you need to know about. Go though these facts about Teenage Pregnancies.

US Facts About Teenage Pregnancy

  • In the US, one in every ten children is born of a teen mother.
  • In 2000, 84 women out of every 1000 people in the US were in their teens when they became pregnant.
  • The 18-19 age group has the highest rate of pregnancy in the United States, followed by the 15-17 age group.
  • U.S has the highest teenage birth rate and abortion rate among all developed countries.
  • 82% of teen pregnancies in the US are unplanned.
  • A third of pregnant teens decide to give birth to their baby. One-third aborts their child while the rest suffer from miscarriages.
  • Teenage pregnancies cost the United States approximately $7 billion per year.

Facts on Teenage Pregnancy Growth in the U.S

  • Between 1992 and 2000, pregnancy has dropped 23% in the 15-17 age group but only 11% in the 18-19 age group.
  • Rising awareness about protection during sex and use of contraceptives during copulation has reduced teen pregnancy birth rate since the early 90s. Birth rate from teen pregnancy has been lowered by approximately 34% in white women and about 40% in black women.
  • Since 2006 however, teen pregnancies are again on the rise. Between 2005 and 2006, there was a 3% increase in teen pregnancy.

Teenage Pregnancies Statistics as Per Race

The most cases of teen pregnancy occur in people of Hispanic origin.

According to The Guttmacher Institute, pregnancy rate is the highest in black teens of the 15-19 age group. A report by the same institute suggests that 90 percent of these teens having unprotected sex may become pregnant within a year.

European Facts Teenage Pregnancy

  • Many Western European nations have very low teenage pregnancy rates.
  • Low teenage pregnancy rate in Western European nations can primarily be attributed due to factors like adherence to traditional values, fear of social stigma, good sex education and higher use of contraceptives.

Startling Statistics for Teenage Pregnancy

  • A male child born to a teen mother is thrice as much likely to go to prison after growing up than the son of an older mother.
  • Carrying out Caeserian sections on teen mothers during childbirth can lead to health complexities like Eclampsia and Obstetric Fistula. In worse cases, there can also be death of the infant or the mother.
  • A girl born to a teen mother stands a 22% higher chance of becoming a teen mother herself.
  • Children born to teen mothers are seen to have lower birth weight. An underdeveloped pelvis gives rise to complicated conditions during childbirth.
  • Most children born out of teen pregnancies suffer neglect from their mothers and perform poorly in school.

General Statistics of Teenage Pregnancy

  • According to the international organization ‘Save The Children’, 13 million children are annually born out of teenage pregnancy.
  • As per a report by ‘Save The Children’,  the sub-Saharan region in Africa has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the world.

Teenage Pregnancy Information

  • Teenagers who are emotionally more attached to their parents are less likely to have unprotected sex and suffer an early pregnancy.
  • Teen mothers are less likely to finish their high school diploma. Only a third of teen mothers succeed while the others have to rely on welfare.
  • Teens raised by both parents have lesser chance of indulging in early sexual activities.
  • Social taboo, desire to avoid pregnancy, the fear of going against their religious doctrines, fear of contracting a sexually-transmitted disease (STD) and not getting the right partner are some factors behind Teenage Pregnancy prevention.
  • Peer pressure, pressure from boyfriend, curiosity, drug and alcohol induced intoxication and impact of media are some reasons that result in teenage pregnancy.
  • The Internet has become a veritable source of information about safe sex. But a lot of sexual predators entice teenage girls through internet.  There have been many cases of date rapes in the last few years.
  • The impact of teenage pregnancy is a negative one and it has disastrous consequences on the minds and bodies of sexual partners as well as their family members. Proper sex education and increased awareness on safe sex is the need of the hour to avoid all Teenage Pregnancy cases that may arise in future.
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  1. sana says:

    Since pregnancy is often considered as a great responsibility as with the birth of a baby, teenagers are expected to give more care to the baby and this may not be possible as teenagers are still young who see a good life ahead and monetary requirements would be many after entering the stage of parenthood.

  2. Rubbish. says:

    This is the most pitiful, ridiculous excuse for an article I have read in ages. Who really uses Wikipedia and Ehow as article references?? “Most children born out of teen pregnancies suffer neglect from their mothers and perform poorly in school.” Really?! Trash. Absolute trash.

  3. The3barrons says:

    It's hard enough to raise a child under normal conditions !
    normal , meaning planned and married , and posibly over 21 .

  4. source says:

    Was this written by a junior high student? If you want to state a fact, please back it up by data and statistics. How low has Yahoo sunk that it scours websites like this for it's stories? “But a lot of sexual predators entice teenage girls through internet. There have been many cases of date rapes in the last few years”. What does this have to do with pregnancy, and even if so, does this mean that date rapes happened only recently because of predators on the internet?

  5. Sonya Miller says:

    I'm 13 and I like to take a big cock up my ass. Ya see that way I cant get pregnant and it still feels awful good. Ill suck a mean dick to. I live in Daytona Beach if there are any hot horney guys out there who wanna cum in my hot little ass!!!! or Write me now!!!!

  6. 12many says:

    Maybe this trend would reverse itself if those getting pregnant and having babies were required to care for and provide for them on their own, without all the assistance the government gives. You begin with a medical card to go to the nicest hospital when in fact they should be going to a charity hospital or to one where you pay according to your ability. Then all the entitlements like WIC, AFDC, Section 8 housing, food stamps and the like make it profitable to continue having additional babies. (More children, bigger checks!) Forget marriage, this usually interferes with the handouts; so it now becomes a cycle of more unwed females having more babies that the taxpayers are having to footing the bill for. This sets up the perfect situation to never be accountable because more kids mean more benefits!

  7. bosesearch2010 says:

    Things were different in my days, but with the fast moving IT world..its very hard educated students once they cross 15 years. I personal teach my children aware on misuse of sex education. I also feel schools and colleges should make some awareness programs!

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