Top 10 Health Benefits of Ginger

Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is a perennial plant having about 3 feet height. The first stem when compared with other stems, are lengthier and they have the beautiful looking flowers of greenish yellow.

The leaves are characterized by dark green color with prominent midrib. The seeds are arranged in the chambers which are black in color. The familiar part of the ginger is its underground stem and used vastly in medicine and cooking. Often it is mistaken that ginger is the root part of the plant since it grows normally in side the ground. But it is not true and it is only the stem that grows inside the ground. All the energy and reserves are saved in this part of stem called rhizome. New plant arises from these rhizomes only by a system of reproduction called budding.

The cultivation of ginger is being done by buds of the rhizome in loose and fertile soil in moderate temperatures and rain. These gingers are white to yellow in color. Some rare variety of ginger is black in color. When these plants become ten month old, rhizomes are harvested. They are used after washing or stored for later use by washing and drying.

English name Ginger
Botanical name Zingiber officinale
Family Zingiberaceae
Other common name Adrak, sont, srngaveram – in Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit.
Part used stem or rhizome-although growing underground.
Usage spice and in medicine
Flowers the flowers directly originate from rhizome and they are purple in color.
Fruits Fruits are red in color. They have chambers with small sized black seeds. When commercially planted they do not have fruits

Advice   :

It is not advised that any medication can be stopped while taking any systemic treatment for illness. But it is to make people to know ginger is used in alternative medicine in curing the disease. They are very powerful compounds that exert effective influence in curing the diseases.

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The gingerols contained in this plant makes the taste. It is a pungent aromatic herb. It has the expectorant properties, it enhances sweating, it improves digesting activity, it corrects liver function, it works on vomiting centre and controls it, it stimulates circulation and makes the muscles to relax. Ginger is used internally and externally in various disorders.

Various forms of application in medicine:  Decoction is one form made by adding some slices of ginger with water and simmered nicely and this is filtered and drunk in several conditions.  Tincture is the condensed liquid form of ginger and drops of this form is used in various ailments. Dried power of ginger is packed in capsules which can be used during journey for some illness. It is used as massage oil in various pains of musculo– skeletal origin. Oil form of ginger is also used internally for diseases.

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10 health benefits of ginger :

1. Diseases associated with circulatory system:

Ginger is having the ability in giving its remedy in diseases of circulatory system. It is having the ability to stimulate the circulatory system particularly in peripheral system of circulation and thereby it improves and increases the blood flow. Hence it is largely used to treat the impaired circulation. Hence, it is used in chilblains and in impaired blood flow of hand and feet. It is having a good control in bringing down the high blood pressure to normal and through its ability in the involvement of the disease it is also used in bringing down the body temperature during fever. Due to its excellent interference in blood circulatory system, it is used in weak pulse rate and in pale or white complexion of patients.

2. Anti -coagulant:

Ginger is having an excellent quality of anti coagulant properties and hence taking this ginger in capsule form will help the blood kept in thin form and regular usage of the herb will help and prevent blood clot and thereby serious fatal consequences of clotting of blood can be avoided.

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3. Conditions associated with respiratory system:

Various infections and allergic causes’ affect respiratory system often. Cough, wheezing and fever are commonly arising by these conditions. Ginger is having a soothing and warming effect on lungs and hence it has a good result when treated with ginger in common cold, flu and coughs.

4. In head ache:

Fresh and dried ginger is having the ability over head ache and most forms of head aches disappear when it is used internally and externally.

5. In joint pain:

External application of massage oil is very effective in curing long standing muscular and skeletal joint pain. Regular massaging with ginger oil or ginger compresses give permanent relief in most of the cases of muscular stiffness and joint pain.

6. Neuralgia:

Several pain conditions arising out of nerve conditions such as tooth ache, neck pain and back ache. These conditions are treated effectively with ginger. Ginger compresses are used in teeth ache and in abdominal cramps. External application of this ginger is also used to relieve from bladder inflammation and kidney stone pain.

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7. Gastro intestinal conditions:

Ginger is having the effect of regulating the functions of the entire digestive tract and hence it is used in various conditions of the intestine and stomach including large bowel. It has the quality to regulate the movement of the intestine and hence it is used in treating indigestion, intestinal colic, ulcers, and intestinal reflux diseases and most effectively in constipation. As this also has the antibacterial quality several forms of intestinal infections and food poisoning can be treated with ginger. Ginger is also used in flatulence of the stomach.

8. Vomiting:

Many people are having their alteration in the vomiting centre during their journey and ginger usage completely avoids this travel sickness when taken prior to journey and during journey. Pregnant women often treated with ginger during pregnancy.

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9. Cooling down the mind:

Ginger essential oil is applied to head and massaged to some minutes which causes the brain to refresh itself and thereby it sharpens all the senses and good memory is restored and also the vitality.  In some mental disorder, the ginger oil is used as a curative agent by applying to head with massage.

10 Good remedy to women:

Ginger is having a real and specific effect of improving blood flow particularly in uterus and hence it is used in menstrual related problems in women. The common problem of clotting of blood during menstrual period is avoided by its anticoagulant properties and women are beneficial by taking ginger as medicine and this will alleviate the menstrual pain and clotting of blood is stopped. Preferably it is very effective in premenstrual tension and pain.

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Precautions should be taken when taking this ginger as a medicine for a longer period. There are very rare cases that have sensitive reactions. People having chronic stomach ulceration should take this ginger very carefully. In some rare cases it causes skin irritation when applied externally. As ginger is having very powerful medical properties, it should be taken very carefully with appropriate dosage.

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