Top 15 Timeless Exercises

Timeless Exercises

“Time and tide waits for no man” and in a world always hurrying up and turning faster day-by- day……………. one has to find ways to cut time on time-consuming exercise routines to develop a healthy lifestyle.

So, let us see how best we could help you by telling you about some of the easy-to-do exercises at home and whenever you want.

These exercises are as effective as those exercises done at a scheduled phase in a gym.

1.    Rotational Cable Lift :

This is a full body rotational exercise allowing hip rotation and obliques. This exercise will require a rope on a cable column pulling the rope up to one of the shoulders slowly and steadily, and then dragging the rope on to the other shoulder. The whole set of actions are then reversed slowly under full control to get the rope and cable back into position. The same actions are repeated for the other side of the shoulders. Whenever the rope is pulled away from the cable, the whole body, both hip and shoulders are rotated in and out towards the cable column. Thus, the whole body rotation occurs resulting in better multi directional movement of the body.

2.    Back Leg Raised Split Squat :

This is one the most common exercises done to give movements to all the lower muscles of the body by decreasing the load on the spine. The exercise is done for one leg at a time by keeping it up on an 18” box and holding a bar above the chest with both, chest and eyes facing up, the hip lowered until the leg is parallel to the ground. To return to position, stress is given to the front foot to lift up. This exercise is very good to develop not only stronger legs, but also to prevent the occurrence of back injuries.

[youtube KaARD5KdSqQ 425 344]

3.    Standing Belly Press :

This is a core exercise for resisting rotation and generates stiffness to body muscles. Standing next to a cable column with legs just apart enough of shoulder width, the cable handle is pulled near the chest and arms were straightened resisting the enforced rotation caused by the cable movements. This exercise develops the core musculature of the body.

[youtube yoWD3sHlRV8 425 344]

4.    One Arm Dumbbell Row :

This exercise is meant to train upper back and arm muscles allowing many core muscles in the back that usually resists rotation.  The exercise will require you to lie parallel to the ground with the feet flat on the floor and one hand to rest on an adjacent box. The dumb bell is then slowly raised using the other free hand towards the hip and then slowly taking it back into position. This exercise will increase co-ordination between elbow and the shoulder joints and will increase the body mass at the shoulder regions for men without losing shape.

[youtube 1gOYkpfT9Hc 425 344]

5.    Push-Up:

Push-ups is one of the most common exercises used to train and co-ordinate the shoulders, chest and the triceps. This requires no additional equipments to perform; one has to just lie down on the ground with the fingers pointing straight ahead on the ground and the thumbs touching the outside o the chest. One has to spread the legs and then brace oneself as the push up. The exercise could be toughened by either adding weight on one’s back or by pushing-up on an unstable surface. Push-up allows free movement of the shoulder blades, and therefore strengthens the functionality of these muscles.

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6.    Chin-up :

These exercises allow the build-up of stronger back than any other back and chest exercises. Grab an iron bar with shoulder width separate and palms facing the face. The pull oneself up until the chest reaches the bar and then slowly comes back to position. The exercise trains the muscles of both the arms and the back. This allows the development of both the triceps and the biceps for men.

[youtube YYi3sbQFyFY 425 344]

7.    Exercise Ball Front Plank :

This exercise is specifically for men and helps to test and improve the extensibility of the back muscles. Resting the fore arms on a ball and pushing the chest up with the feet on the ground, the ball is taken farther away from the body without lowering one’s hip and back. There is a convenience of resting while during the course of the exercise by bringing the ball back into position.

image by ODRmri

8.    Dumbbell Reverse Lunge :

This exercise trains all the muscles in the lower arms, and those involved in gripping in the forearm. Holding a dumbbell in each hand and with chest and eyes up, one-step is taken back with one leg. While the front leg knee being maintained straight to its ankle, the back leg knee is bent down to touch the ground and then using the heel of the front leg revert back into position. This exercise is one of the simplest exercises.

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9.    Dead lift :

This is a major back exercise involving almost all of the known muscles at the back. A bar from the ground is grabbed with both the hands and the hips being pushed back and stands up while pushing the hip forward. This exercise for men who wants a great physique and for those who want to test every muscle in their body in a day.

[youtube cs-wOHN5tdw&feature 425 344]

10.    Crunches :

Crunches are sit ups, and one that is performed very often are orange crunches……..wherein……….you hold a orange under your chin and do sit-ups by lifting both your torso and shoulders simultaneously, count five and then lower yourself down to lift up again. This exercise will give a lot of work on the muscles in the lower arms and chest muscles. To end……reward with the orange….hence ORANGE crunches.

image by dynamicbalance

11.    Leg Squats :

All u need is a chair………hold it up at the back and stand up straight………..bend your knees and stand up again using only the muscles of your legs and not your arms………….A good exercise for toning up leg muscles and giving a shape!!!

image by Bodydurability

12.    Triceps Dips :

Tone up your upper arm muscles! Place a chair behind you and holding the seat, bend knees to go downward as far as possible without stressing the shoulder muscles. Then push up back into position using the arms and not bounce back. This gives a tone to the muscles in the arms and shape them to look great….and not lose!

[youtube nx9gVDCnT84 425 344]

13.    Standing Push-Ups :

This is an easy-to-do regular exercise for women…not requiring building up body mass. Stand facing the wall; 2 feet away….place hands on the walls with shoulder width apart…Lower the body towards the wall by bending only the elbows and not the shoulders. Keeping the body firm, and exerting only the arms….push the body back into position. You are ready…set go for a toned up body!

[youtube xWBI-UIXiWk 425 344]

14.    Orange Lifts :

An orange trapped behind the backside of the knee and lifting the leg with the opposite arm holding a wall or a door for balance. Change sides and repeat the exercise………… your legs have really worked out!

[youtube 02LQ4tjyt4A 425 344]

15.    Cardiovascular Activity:

Well, exercises these days are not stuck with the machos strengthening their body mass or gymnasts toning up their muscles……….everyone wants to have a good work out………just to improve their lifestyle into a healthy one! One major way to keep you healthy is to keep your heart healthy!

image by Sanford Health

Take care of your heart by following these simple time saving tips:

a. Take stairs rather than the elevator!

b. Walk or bike rather than a short drive with your family to a nearby park!

c. Pets are a good source of recreation, exercise… play, and walk with them!

d. Try to walk the maximum within your possible limits than to call and email!

All this increases your aerobic activity and is good for your heart!

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