10 Most Bizarre People on Earth

Bizarre People

There are so many bizarre people on earth that it is actually possibly to lose count. They do strange things or have a lot of weirdness happening to them which sort of explains why they are considered to be such bizarre people anyway. Most of the times it is actually difficult to explain why such strange phenomena happens to them and at other times it is just a biological factor which pretty much explains why they are bizarre. A lot of such people usually become part of the Guinness book of records or other such records. So take a look at the ten most bizarre people and take a pick on what you think is the strangest:

1. Ngoc

The first most bizarre person on the list is a man named Ngoc. So what’s strange about him? Well, he hasn’t slept for almost thirty years. Insomnia is obviously the cause but what is strange is that he can function as good as a lot of other people. So he can even do a lot of farm work. Although he did require a fair bit of medical supervision because well not sleeping for three decades can amount to a lot of problems in all senses of the term.

2. Cathie Jung

Weird people often ensure that they have peculiar attributes which make them well quite offbeat. Often they land up on several record winning competitions and fairly so. It is likely that they work quite hard for that position. That is definitely true of our second most bizarre person named Cathie Jung who is credited to have the smallest waist. How small you ask? Well, all of fifteen inches! Pictures of her have us wondering, is Victoria Beckham trying to outdo her in having the smallest waist size? Quite likely it seems!

Photo by bella_the_phoenix

3. Mehran Karimi Nasseri

Still wondering how weird people can get? Our next contender on the list is a man who has been living in the airport since 1988. Now that sure is quite bizarre, to say the least. An Iranian refugee called Mehran Karimi Nasseri has set up his permanent home in Charles de Gaulle airport. Interestingly, the movie Terminal is based entirely on his story because he was being forced to live there for an indeterminate period of time because his papers weren’t in order. He has well established himself in the departure area of the airport and is reported to speak very little.

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4. Lal Bihari

Alive but reputed to be dead? Now that is exactly the stuff that horror movies are made of. Can you actually imagine something as bizarre as that happening to a real life person? Well then take a look at the case of a man named Lal Bihari who was born in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. Surprisingly enough when he filed for a loan he realized that he had been declared dead by the government of India long ago. Conspiracy on the part of an evil uncle was involved and the poor man had to actually fight legal battles to prove he is alive. Now how bizarre does that sound?

Photo by ArtistOnline

5. Timothy Dumouchel

Appearances, biological factors… there can be different sides to being extremely bizarre. Now in America it is very easy to move to court, everyone can sue others for a lawsuit. One of the most bizarre people ever has to be a man named Timothy Dumouchel. He actually went ahead and sued a television company for making his wife become fat. His argument against the company was that surfing channels, sitting about in the couch for long had made her gain weight. So how to deal with the situation? Sue the television company!

6. Nakamatsu

Talk about enthusiasm? That is exactly what our Japanese photographer Nakamatsu has. Over thirty four years he has decided to take pictures of the food he eats and then set it all down to strict analysis. Since he wants to live over a hundred years, he has decided to take upon this extremely challenging endeavor to ensure that his food is really well analyzed. All we can say to this is “bizarre”!

Photo by ArtistOnline

7. Kansas

The wolf girl is quite the enigma. She was seen near Kansas in the year 1970 and since then there have been several assumptions on whether she was actually raised and taken care of by wolves. A lot of people claim that this is possibly a hoax and we will never possibly know the truth but this definitely earns her a place in the most bizarre people to have inhabited the earth, if at all!

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8. Lotito

The person who could eat it all- almost everyone by now is familiar with the case of the Hungarian born Lotito. He has been on the record books several times and fairly so. The man can devour rubber, metal, anything inedible and still the man survives. He has not just eaten cycles and cars but even an entire aircraft! Despite it all he has not fallen grievously ill because of his rather bizarre diet. This can be attributed to the fact that his intestine lining of the stomach is built to resist any kind of poisoning against such types of food.

Photo by pixie85

9. Shoichi Yokoi

We have all heard about how intensely the World War 2 has had an effect on people. It seems that in the case of Yokoi the effect just went one step further and spiraled into something extremely bizarre. So this man decided to hide it out in the caves of Guam even though the war had ended almost twenty eight years ago. Unlike some of our other bizarre people this just does not inspire much laughter but makes us ponder how far the evils of war has reached?

Photo by grimboard

10. Matayoshi Mitsuo

So in Japan all the bizarre things seem to be happening and a person named Mitsuo. Now he claims to be the descendant of Jesus Christ and claims that his teachings will bring about new world order.

Photo by Leondra Lai

So with all these bizarre people around one is sure to feel quite normal at the end of the day not mention sane!

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