15 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World

Beautiful Waterfalls

Sutherland Falls: (Fiordland, New Zealand)

This 580, waterfall is what makes New Zealand gorgeous. It is located in the spectacular Fiorland National Park which is a World Heritage Area, now ranked as the most gifted walk areas of the world highlighting Milford Track enormously.

Angel Falls: Venezuela

One of the world’s tallest spectacular waterfalls at a height of 979m. you can go there only through boat or walking as by road is not approachable at all. It gives a divine view, must visit it.

Gullfoss: (Iceland)

This is the nicest waterfall of Iceland and largest of Europe. It remarkably is the key part of ‘Golden Circle’ which is the most favorite tourist point of Europe.

Iquazu Falls: (Argentina/Brazil)

This majestic waterfall is located on the Argentinean and Brazilian border. Its spectacular! The waterfall is widely spread at 2Km distance having a height of about 269 feet. The water flows at 1.3 million liters/sec is. The 275 individual waterfalls and cascades along with the surrounding rainforest make it a big tourist’s attraction for people from all over the world. If you want to enjoy this amazing waterfall, flights and hotels are always available on Expedia for great prices if you are on a budget.

Photo by deepchi1

Victoria Falls: (Zimbabwe/Zambia)

Africa’s most astonishing water fall this is the Largest Singular waterfall in the whole world. Having a width of 1.7Km, a height of 108m and 1 million liters/sec is the flow. This “Smoke that Thunders” is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Its rainforest surrounding along with African Wild Life covers whelmed the visitors with joy. This perfect combination of beauty and power also offers you several adventure sports as well.

Photo by PhotosEcosse

Niagara Falls: (Canada/USA)

Commonly known as the “Honeymoon Capital of the World” is the most famous water fall in the North America. This powerful waterfall is not the tallest or broadest, but undoubted the most stunning and one of the easiest to look from all sides. Perhaps its surrounding is comparatively less admirable for visitors.

Photo by Ronaldo F Cabuhat

Lower Falls: (Yellow Stone River, USA) h

Situated at he spectacular Grand Canyon of the Yellow Stone River, heavily surrounded by Volcanic Cliffs and mountains. Truly majestic when it comes to size and power.

Photo by victorvonsalza

Diverting tourist’s attention to itself in the National Park which is famous for its wildlife and geothermal features.

Kaieteur Falls: (Potaro River, Guyana)

Remarkably one of the tallest Single-drop waterfalls. Rectangular in shape with a width of 370ft and height is measured around 741ft. its prestigious rainforest at left makes it a spectacular site, wild life arrangement add more flavor to this Natural Treat.

Photo by Fay Venegas

Angel Falls: (Canaima Venezuela)

This is considered as the tallest permanent waterfall of the world having a total drop of 979m. comes from the lap of Tepuy Mountain of Venezuelan equatorial rainforest. It’s a mere adventure to visit this water fall which always leaves an everlasting impression on the tourists.

Photo by Amaia eta Gotzon

Yosemite Falls: (California, USA)

It is also considered as one of the tallest waterfalls, having a height of 2425 ft but don’t falls round the year. View is very convenient from different angles and trails, its magnificent glory made it look like as crown jewel in YOSEMITE VALLEY.

Photo by Ivan Makarov

Aspat River: (Russia)

This fall seems a miracle of Nature, located in the Kodar area of Russia. Travelers always left astonished with its naturesque glory and unmatchable beauty, because of its rough terrain.

Photo by ArtistOnline

Upside Down Falls: (Oahu, Hawaii)

A site always admired by visitors. As its name indicates it falls down magnificently from the top of Mount Konahuanui in Hawaii but on the way nearly at middle strong wind forces it backwards, making it true to its name Upside Down.

Photo by Jim Patterson Photography

Giessbach Waterfalls: (Switzerland)

Commonly printed on European travel post cards. Gifted with crystal clear lakes, mountains covered with snow and green peaks make it one stand proudly as Swiss Beauty.

Photo by chrchr_75

Nachi Falls: (Japan)

Falling from 400ft from the Mount Nachi is the most beautiful and visited Asian waterfall. It’s a part of 48 other cascades making it largest Japanese water fall.

Photo by pikakii

Dettifoss: (Iceland)

One of the most power full waterfall in Europe, portraying full beauty of nature in its surroundings with other 3 water falls. Located spectacularly at the top of incredible Icelandic version of the Grand Canyon. Its glacial melt-over are attraction for Icelandic nature lovers from all over the world.

Photo by David Michel

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