15 Most Bizarre Restaurants of the World

Bizarre Restaurants

If you’re a foodie with a penchant for trying out food of the best sort you might also want to try out food of the funniest sort as well, even if you don’t try these out you would definitely enjoy reading about them. Bizarre restaurants are places where not only are the kind of food they serve outrageous and unique but also is the ambience and the way they serve it very different and sometimes plain freaky.

1 – Nyotaimori

This place is located in Japan and as the name suggests the restaurant is not for the faint hearted. What is outrageous about the restaurant is the way they serve their food. They serve sushi and some other Japanese favorites inside the mould of a naked woman’s body. How you get to the food is by operating on the body with a knife and as you cut it open the skin seems to bleed and you get to eat whatever you find inside the portion you cut!

2 – D.S. Musical Restaurant

This is located in Taipei and the entire theme of the place is the hospital. The clinching work of bizarre idea is the way they serve their drinks there – through an IV needle like drip. Waiters and waitresses are all dressed as doctors and nurses and there are wheelchairs for chairs.

Photo by //steven

3 – Marton Theme Restaurant

This restaurant is also located in Taipei. The theme of the place is the bathroom. People sit on toilet seats and enjoy a yummy meal. The tables are bathtubs and the plates on which food is served are the Loo seats of the western world. Thankfully, the place doesn’t stink!

[youtube RNvmfmZqd9I 500 375]

4 – Ithaa

This is actually quite a beautiful restaurant which is located in The Maldives. The beauty of the place lies in the fact that it is located deep under the Indian Ocean. Diners get to eat while watching different sea creatures in the water along with the beautiful coral reef. It is actually the first of this kind in the whole world. Only most might not want to order sea food while they watch a few others float by!

Photo by KTA Public Relations

5 – Cabbages and Condoms

This is a funny name to a very funny themed restaurant, located in Thailand. The basic theme of the place is condom. So there are condoms all over the wall and bloated condoms worn as hats by waiters. The food thankfully is quite normal yet the after mints served here are actually a plate of condoms!

[youtube JNLlH6BBslw 500 375]

6 – Dinner in the Sky

This again is one of the first of its kind – a restaurant in the sky located in Belgium. There is however a limited number of people who can dine there at once and all the chairs along with the long table are lifted up in the air by a crane. Here of course, you don’t get to reuse the fork you drop!

[youtube W446WW1-qNM 500 375]

7 – Tree House Restaurant

This restaurant is actually quite a sight, located in New Zealand. It’s literally built in a tree in a dome shape and has a pretty forest surrounding. The food is normal and the only thing is that one gets to eat along with the birds and the bees.

Photo by craigsydnz

8 – Fortezza Medicea

The bizarreness of this restaurant located in Italy lies in its location. The place is located inside a prison, a top security fortress. Diners get to eat their meals under strict security guards and the entertainment is provided by a pianist who happens to be a dangerous murderer doing life in the prison. It happens to be one of the most popular restaurants in the city.

9 – Dark Restaurant

This is one really bizarre restaurant located in China. The restaurant is completely set in darkness and you would not even be able to find your seats had it not been for the waiters who wear night vision goggles. You eat dinner in complete darkness and one can’t even use a cell phone or torch, they are all prohibited!

[youtube 8XlgQAnvhWc 500 375]

10 – Pelican bar

This is one of the most unusual spots to dine in, on a sand bar along the Jamaican coast. The place looks absolutely ramshackle and dilapidated and the food needs to be ordered from before and brought from the shore by boat. However one gets to enjoy a private dinner in a clear blue ocean.

Photo by Pelican bar

11 – New Lucky Restaurant

The theme of this restaurant located in India is – Graveyard. The restaurant is actually built over an old Muslim cemetery and the restaurant owner has kept all the graves as they were only painting them bright green which makes them resemble coffins. The place is simple, only you get to share your meal with dead people.

12 – Buns and Guns

The theme of this restaurant in Lebanon is Hezbollah. Your beef sandwich that you ordered might be named AK-47 and the French bread might be served along with a grenade. Diners experience a complete battle-field atmosphere with the chefs dressed in camouflage and helmets and with rifle and gunfire music playing throughout your meal. You meal is bound to be one big Boom!

13 – Supper Club

This restaurant located in San Francisco, America is Bizarre because of the kind of entertainment the place provides. Actually most regular diners too never know what kind of entertainment they might be treated to. You might just get your own private bed surrounded by white curtains while watching a French ballet with your meal, and another night expect something completely different.

[youtube 8Z5FYTihLZA 500 375]

14 – Death Restaurant

This is one depressing eat out located in the Ukraine. The theme is of course death and the restaurant itself is constructed inside a coffin. For decorations the place is surrounded with wreaths and coffins and funeral music serves as entertainment. The best part are the names of the dishes served, these include “let’s meet in paradise”

15 – B.E.D

The theme is more relaxing actually than bizarre, located in Miami. Its name B.E.D is abbreviation of  Beverage, Entertainment and Dining which served in bamboo trays while sitting on beds.  The atmosphere is soothing and meals are served on comfortable beds with silk curtains and cushions to add to your pleasure.

[youtube N-A8rUhhqsA 500 375]

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  1. If I will choose the best and the worst, the worst will be the toiled themed restaurant. I can't imagine eating on a toilet bowl. While the best is the Sky Dinner pretty good to watch the whole city while taking dinner.

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