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Sometimes in life it is great to get away with that special someone and expresses your love the way you want to, especially if you want to make your moments memorable. You don’t really have to travel half way across the world to some exotic destination to do this as America has a number of romantic cities according has arrived at this list from the sales data that they have gathered from sales of their Romantic comedy movies, Romance Novels, Books on relationships, Barry White albums and Sexual wellness products since 1st of January 2011. Only cities with more than 10,000 residents were considered in this list.

Most Romantic Cities

The city of Alexandria in Virginia has topped the list and claimed the first spot for the second consecutive year in a row. Located along the Potomac River, this city has a charming neighborhood that consists of more than 4,200 historic structures a pleasant and temperate climate, assorted and unique stores and its proximity to Washington DC makes it a popular destination for romance. In the second spot is the city of Knoxville, Tennessee. Also popularly known as the Marble City, Knoxville is a popular romantic destination with its natural beauty, cozy restaurants and lovely attractions. While this area retains its charm of a quaint southern town, it has all the amenities of a big city, making it a unique destination. Following closely is the city of Orlando in Florida, not only a great city to live in but also features a number of romantic retreats which is a treat for lovebirds.

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The not so popular cities on the romantic lists are St. Louis in Missouri in the eighteenth spot, Dayton in Ohio in the nineteenth spot and finally Frisco in Texas in the twentieth spot. These three cities had the least number of purchases in the determining categories mentioned above.

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The other city from Virginia appearing in the list of Top 20 romantic cites in US is Arlington, which saw a drop from being the seventh most romantic city in US in 2010 to the fifteenth spot this year. Florida continues to rule the roost even this year with four cities having made it to the list yet again. Orlando has moved up from the tenth spot in 2010 to the third spot this year while Miami moved down from the second spot in 2010 to fourth spot this year and Gainesville moved down to the ninth spot this year and Tallahassee moved up by eight spots this year to the tenth spot.

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Romance is definitely not confined to the city of Knoxville in Tennessee too. For a state that has just one entry in the 2010 list, this year Tennessee follows Florida with three cites having made it to the list namely; Knoxville in the second place, Murfreesboro in the eight place and Clarksville in the seventeenth place . Knoxville has show a remarkable improvement by moving up from the sixteenth spot in 2010 to the second spot this year.  The states of Ohio and Texas have two cities each featuring on this list of Top 20 Most Romantic Cities in America. The cities of Cincinnati and Dayton are present in the list with Cincinnati in the seventh spot and Dayton in the nineteenth spot. As far as Texas is concerned, the city of Round Rock has made it to the twelfth spot in the list where as the city of Frisco is one of the least romantic spots finding aColumbian entry at the twentieth spot.

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The other cities to have made it to the list are Ann Arbor from Michigan, Columbia from South Carolina, Vancouver from Washington, Pittsburgh from Pennsylvania, Las Vegas from Nevada.

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