The World’s Most Expensive Hotels: Stuff Dreams Are Made Of!

It’s like you’re in some wonderful dream you don’t ever want to wake up from. That’s the magic these luxurious and most expensive hotels spin on you.  And all this from just reading about them!  Most people never get to see the inside of these hotels, but for the privileged few, the concierge knows you by name.

Most Expensive Hotels

While many are struggling in the bad economy, the appeal of luxury travel has not subsided.  The rich and famous with extravagant tastes seem to be enjoying more than ever before. In an interesting poll, luxury travelers said that if needed, they would reduce expenses by changing their itinerary or destinations, but would not downgrade their airline or hotel accommodation.

There is no dearth of the well-heeled royalty, diplomats, film stars, rock stars and other celebrities dressed in tuxedos and sequin-studded dresses that seek the luxury and solace the world’s most expensive hotels offer. But this luxury comes at a price – a very steep one.

Would you like to see what you get for four or five figures?

Note: These figures may vary from the actual, as hotels keep changing their rates frequently!

President Wilson Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland – $65,000 for the Royal Penthouse Suite

There cannot be a better excuse to blow all that cash. This lavish 180-room hotel with 48 suites, is located on the lakeshore, and offers a spectacular view of Lake Geneva.  It has been renovated, and all the rooms and suites are equipped with bespoke AV technology by Bang & Olufsen.

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The Royal Penthouse Suite that occupies the entire top floor of the hotel is the most prestigious and the most expensive. Wondering what this budget-breaker has to offer?  For starters, this big price tag includes bullet proof windows and doors, closed-circuit TV that allows guests to watch suspicious people in the hotel, a private safe for treasures and a private elevator.  This 18,083 square feet suite has six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a Jacuzzi with views of Mont Blanc, a Steinway grand piano, a cocktail lounge with dramatic views over Lake Geneva. There is no end to luxury here. The marble bathroom with the hot tub offers Acqua di Parma bath products.  But this royal floor is not for everyone. The hotel’s elite suite, the Royal Penthouse Suite, is reserved for Heads of states who visit the United Nations headquarters and other celebrities. Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and former President Bill Clinton are among the regular guests.

Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas – $40,000 for the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa

This is heralded as one of the hippest resorts in Las Vegas. Located just one-mile off the Las Vegas strip, guests love the indulgence and excitement they find here. Kanye West is said to have partied here after the MTV awards. Everything is sexy at the Sky Villa. Featuring a rotating bed in the master bedroom under a mirrored ceiling and a 12-person whirlpool, the 10,000 square feet Hugh Hefner Sky Villa in Palms Casino Resort, is the fantasy suite designed by the founder of Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner.

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This three-bedroom suite on two levels is accessed with a glass elevator; and comes with a media room, a full bar, fully equipped gym with sauna, spa rooms, massage, extra large show tub, pop-up plasma televisions, sunbathing areas with bars, an exotic glass wall Jacuzzi offering breathtaking views of the Vegas strip, outdoor terrace with views of the Las Vegas strip, and of course a poker table.  This lets you live like a playboy for a night or more, based on how many $40,000s you have to spare.  Even if you don’t have that kind of cash, you can still enjoy this ultimate luxury – by being a high roller. This suite is given free to high rollers when it is not occupied.  But these high rollers are eligible to the Hefner room free only when their credit line hits half a million dollars.

They have many other expensive suites, such as the NBA suites with extra-large furniture, playpens with a dancer pole, and the Real World Suite. If you are looking for something fancy, but affordable,  try looking into Las Vegas Hotels on the Strip to find a suitable choice for you.

Hotel Martinez – $37,000 for the Penthouse Prestige Apartment

Situated on the famous boulevard de La Croisette in Cannes, the Hotel Martinez overlooks Cannes Bay.  It is one of the top European luxury hotels, known for stylish living among the elite. The hotel has 409 rooms and suites.  While all are on the expensive side, the most expensive is the Penthouse Prestige Apartment.

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This suite comes with a first-class butler service.  Apart from all the other trappings of sheer luxury, ultra-grand décor and furnishings, it also has a Turkish steam bath (Hamman). It offers 2,000 sq. ft. of area with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean.  The likes of Jodie Foster have stayed here.

Four Seasons Hotel, New York – $35,000 for the Ty Warner Penthouse

This 368-room hotel never gives a discount on its most prized suite. Instead, rate keeps increasing often. This seems to offer the most when compared to the other most expensive hotels. Apart from this, the hotel also has two other suites at $18,000 and $14,000 a night.  The least expensive room is about $1000.

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The 4,300 square-foot, 9-room Ty Warner Penthouse is the most expensive hotel room in the country outside of Las Vegas.  With beautiful views of Manhattan, this suite comes with a Rolls-Royce or Mercedes Maybach.  A personal chauffeur is available for unlimited travel during the stay; a personal butler on-call 24 hours a day; a personal therapist/trainer; and one run by Joel Robuschon, the celebrity chef.  The personal butler also acts as an intermediary between the guests and the hotel staff.

Everything in the suite is custom made and reeks of opulence. There is a private spa, an indoor-outdoor Zen garden with a waterfall, an infinity-edge bathtub with chromatherapy, Venetian silk bedspread, and 22-carat gold threads on the fabric surrounding the bed, sand much more.

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Book this suite and the hotel’s intelligence gathering goes into overdrive. “Does the guest like tea sandwiches only on request or throughout the day?” “Should the caviar be preordered?” The champagne is pre-stocked in the room, unless the guest prefers something else. Return guests’ interests are recorded and followed up on their stay: their favorite drink, food, as well as the toilet paper they use is kept ready.

You may be wondering why it’s called Ty Warner Penthouse. While Four Seasons runs the hotel, Mr. Warner owns the property and this sort of an arrangement is typical in the hotel industry.

Hotel Cala di Volpe, Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast), Sardinia, Italy – $34,000 – $45,000 for the Presidential Suite

Hotel Cala di Volpe meaning “Bay of the Fox,” in Costa Smeralda, redefines exclusivity. It does not come better than this exquisite world-renowned luxury hotel that came into existence, supposedly when Aga Khan bought it and convinced his jet-set friends to construct these hotels, to cater to individuals of substantial means and elevated taste. Designed to replicate a fishing village, with irregular roofs and color towers, this place is one of the loveliest retreats in the world – where the cares of the world could be forgotten.

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The rate for this 2,500 sq. ft. split-level Presidential Suite keeps changing depending on the season, and peaks during summer.  It has two sitting rooms, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a steam room, a private gym and a wine cellar. You can pamper yourself in the private rooftop open-air saltwater swimming pool.  The suite also has a gazebo and solarium, a DVD library as well as Bang & Olufsen stereos. It has a rustic style with wooden accents, exposed beams and thick down cushions; creating the perfect ambience of peace.

Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens – $32,000 for The Royal Villa

Hidden in the 72-acres peninsula in south Athens, this hotel is mesmerizing and offers the warmth of the sun, the peacefulness of the sea and pleasure. It is frequented by both business and pleasure travelers and what people like most about this place is the nature that surrounds them.

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The Royal Villa is expensive but it offers everything that the rich and famous look for; designer sofas and branded furniture; dim lighting and candles everywhere to create a perfect ambience; high-levels of personalized service, butler’s quarters, fully equipped kitchen and a private chef, barbeque facility, a piano and a pianist, an indoor pool with a gym, a heated pool with hydro massage, and a steam bath with a massage room. If you think these offerings are exotic, the most wonderful facility is that of a private marina and a private beach. How can any guest not relish this?  The huge price tag almost seems worth it.

The Westin Excelsior, Rome – $31,000 for the Villa La Capula Suite

Having hosted celebrities, statesmen and artists visiting the Eternal City, The Westin Excelsior is touted as one of the world’s most expensive hotels, and is known for its outstanding service.  This hotel has, for almost a century, been synonymous with luxury.  The hotel’s two-leveled 6,099 sq. ft. Villa Cupola suite embodies all things Roman: Pompeii-style Jacuzzi, a cupola under which the suite is built, frescoes and stained glass windows. The suite has a private cinema with Dolby sound system which adds to the mesmerizing Roman effect.  But to enjoy all this for a night, you will have to shell out $31,000.

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The Setai, South Beach, Miami – $30,000 for The Penthouse

This is an oceanfront resort situated in the heart of South Beach. It is conveniently close to the city center and is a favorite haunt for luxury-seeking business travelers. The Penthouse is said to be spectacular in its sumptuousness. A butler is available at any moment, and the accommodation consists of 10,000 sq. ft. with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, two large Jacuzzi tubs and a steam shower. Even the butler’s room has a queen sized bed. Many reviews about the Penthouse talked about the lovely music room with a Steinway piano. You can go up on the terrace for a swim in the eternity pool or to use a Jacuzzi.  Wow! $30,000 for this?

Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo – The Ritz-Carlton Suite for $25,000

Ritz-Carlton’s “Diamonds Are Forever” Martini is extreme self-indulgence – poured over a flawless one-carat diamond; it is a perfectly smooth blend of the most expensive vodka with a lime twist.  And the beauty of the whole experience is that you get to keep the diamond.  Imagine what an excellent idea it is to propose? But the jaw-dropping price tag for this drink is around $18,000 (¥1,800,000 yen.)

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Is it any wonder that Ritz-Carlton is one of the most expensive hotels in the world? There is no end to the superlatives that can be used to describe the most expensive Presidential Suite, on the top floor of the hotel. This 3,300 sq. ft. of haven is on the 53rd floor and offers a most spectacular view of Mount Fuji, the Roppongi Hills and the beautiful cityscape of Tokyo. The featherbeds, Frette lines, plush terry robes and towels encompass guests in luxury, right from the word go. A personal concierge service combined with a private pool and gym, along with several other luxurious amenities, make it one of the much-talked about hotel suites.

The Ritz-Carlton Suite at the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow is a little cheaper, at $16,000.This is a 2,550 sq. ft. suite with great views of the Kremlin and Red Square. This room with a private sauna, is specifically designed for the highly security conscious Russian billionaires, complete with a panic room.

The Atlantis, Bahamas – $25,000 for the Bridge Suite

A 22-karat gold chandelier illuminates the 10-roomed iconic Bridge suite in the world’s best travel destination, Atlantis. This Bridge suite is at the very top of a bridge that connects the two Royal Towers buildings.  It affords an incredible view of the marina.

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The exquisite interiors were designed by Versace, the famous fashion designer. Grandeur dominates all parts of the suite with marble flooring and out-of-this world furnishings that include highly expensive carpets, mirrors everywhere and gold touches here and there. With two huge living rooms and a guest bath, two entertainment centers, a bar lounge, a baby-grand piano, along with a private butler service, everything is of high standards.  The 800 square feet balcony offers an amazing view of the lagoons and pools of the beautiful island. The king and queen bedrooms come with beautiful custom furniture, carpets and draperies.  This suite is almost like a palace and gives you a real taste of what living like royalty is.

Park Hyatt Vendome, Paris – $20,000 for The Imperial Suite

How can anything match the breathtaking art of the Louvre, the cuisine of Paris and the birthplace of Cartier? Many American high-flyers swear by the romantic Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris.  The celebrities head to Paris and to this hotel when they are looking for some red-hot Parisian passion.

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The Imperial Penthouse Suite with its 2,500 sq. ft. of high ceilings and an In Suite Spa with a whirlpool bath, a massage table, and a steam shower room offers the extreme in individual comfort. It also has multiple rooms for eating, sleeping and entertaining.  While this is reserved for visiting dignitaries and celebrities, but mere mortals can stay in one of the lux rooms!

Burj Al Arab – $19,000 for the Royal Suite

Dubai is known for its extreme levels of extravagance and this hotel stands testimony to this.  It is considered as the world’s most spectacular and outstandingly luxurious hotel. Burj Al Arab Hotel is built in the shape of an Arabian dhow sail and is a prominent structure on the Dubai coastline. The 8,400 sq. ft. Royal suite on the 25th floor, built on two levels, mesmerizes guests at first glance with its marble and gold staircase and the leopard print tufted carpets.

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Everything is grandeur personified and this suite is served by a Chauffeur driven Rolls Royce, BMW and hold your breath – a helicopter too. But if you want to enjoy the helicopter facility, then you have to be richer than $19,000. Two bedrooms with walk-in showers, spa baths, exquisite porcelain fittings, and Hermes 24 Farbourg body products and fragrances to fill your senses, await you in the Royal suite.   That’s not all – a private cinema completes the romantic feel of this hideout.  Even celebrity guests have said that this hotel offers so much more at “reasonable” rates than many other “most expensive hotels” do.

If we have to go on, there are many more hotels that fall in the category of the world’s most expensive hotels. There are other ultra-sophisticated spots that have earned the reputation of being the best.

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