Top 10 Most Expensive Foods in the World

Most Expensive Foods

So you think that Starbucks grande coffee is expensive? Well, maybe it is, but reading the following list of the top 10 most expensive foods around the world is definitely going to give you a completely new perspective on food that costs a lot. This article categorizes expensive foods from the least to the most expensive. Read on and prepare to be shocked, awed and amazed. Be warned, though; by the end of this list, you might just develop a craving for these edibles that redefine the term ‘rich food’:

1. Kopi Luwak

First on the list is ‘Kopi Luwak’ – This is a kind of coffee that is created from coffee berries that have been eaten and excreted by a member of the cat family, the Asian Palm Civet. Here’s the thing, though: the berries that are eaten are excreted whole – undigested by the animal. Although this might sound highly unappetizing, there has to be something special about this, which, one supposes, justifies the cost. The animal happens to be native to Java, Sulawesi, the Philippines and Sumatra. The reason it is so expensive is this – annually, no more than five hundred pounds of Kopi Luwak are produced. (Cost: $600/pound approximately)

2. Saffron

If you visit India, you’ll find this in a lot of the food preparations over there – saffron. When you find out that it’s considered amongst the most expensive spices in the world, you wonder how it’s such an integral part of Indian cuisine. Saffron itself has a somewhat bitter taste, but it imparts a delightful flavour to any food that it is made a part of.

Photo by yoshiko314

(Cost: $800+ for every pound, depending on the quality)

3. Bagel

How much would you pay for a bagel on the streets of New York? A couple of dollars? Throw in another dollar for coffee. Well, if you fancy trying the most expensive bagel on the planet, head to New York city, but you won’t find it on the streets. The Westin Hotel in New York makes a whopper of a bagel in terms of price. Credit for the creation of the bagel goes to Chef Frank Tujague who whipped up the delicacy. What makes it so expensive? It’s topped with goji berry with an infusion of golden leaves, and cream cheese made from white truffle that, by weight, is the second costliest food item on the planet

Photo by musicpb

(Cost: $1000 per bagel)

4. Steak

The next time you’re craving a rare steak and don’t want to go to that new restaurant and get one because it’s so expensive, remember this part of the article. We’re talking about Kobe beef, the world’s costliest red meat. The Kobe type of Wagyu cattle is raised in Hyogo in Japan. These cows are said to be given a diet of nothing other than beer, and are given massages by hand. What this does is, it makes the really, really tender. It’s not something you’d be able to afford on a Friday night out on the town, but it’s not wildly expensive either.

Photo by justydrink

(Cost: $2800 for a whole steak)

5. Pizza

We don’t think too much before calling for a pizza, but there’s no doubt we would, if it cost as much as a few high-end laptop computers. Fifth on this list is the ‘Pizza Royale 007’. Made by Domenico Crolla, this 12-inch food-lovers’ fantasy is sprinkled with not oregano, gold flakes (24-karat). It’s not just the gold flakes that make this pie so expensive; the pizza is loaded with exotic ingredients like Scottish smoked salmon, proscuitto, champagne-soaked caviar, lobster that’s been marinated in fine cognac, and more exclusive stuff

Photo by secretsamba

(Cost: $4200 for a 12-inch pie)

6. Midas

Remember the story of King Midas with his ‘golden touch’? Everything he touched would turn to gold, including his food and drink. Now in the story, he couldn’t of course eat and drink the gold, but often, reality is stranger than fiction. Those in the know of such things refer to it as ‘additive E175’ which, in lay-person’s terms, is – wait for it – gold. It tastes like nothing in particular, but it’s not known for its flavor anyway. Bottomline: gold looks great. It is shiny, nice to look at, conveys a sense of wealth, and is safe to consume in small quantities. Kind of seems a shame to eat it, but hey, if you can afford to buy food with gold in it, you’re free to do just as you please with it!

(Cost: Starts at $15000/pound)

7. Yubari Melons

Who has grown up without being constantly reminded, by their parents, teachers and other well-wishers, of the great value of fruit? May be they were talking about nutritional value, but let’s look at a different kind of ‘value’ – the world’s costliest melons are the Yubari melons. They’re reputedly quite different from regular melons and taste great too. Considering how expensive they are, one supposes they don’t have a choice but to taste great!

Photo by terencenah

(Cost: $22800 approximately)

8. Sweet Tooth

It’s okay to have a sweet tooth, but you’d better hope you don’t have to spend on a visit to the dentist after having this dessert – the aptly named ‘Grand Opulence’ sundae puts to shame all others in its league, if at all, there are any! Made by NYC’s Serendipity, this happens to be the most expensive dessert on planet Earth. It’s got five scoops of Tahitian vanilla ice cream and is topped with the costliest chocolates you can find anywhere. In addition, it has on top a very exclusive caviar which is decorated with edible gold leaf, no less than 23-carats. The spoon is golden as well! The whole ensemble comes to you in an expensive crystal goblet. Yum!

Photo by *Sherry*

(Cost: $25000 per sundae)

9. King of Fungi

Now this isn’t a food preparation in itself, but it’s on this list because it’s an important ingredient in a lot of really expensive foods. Popularly referred to as the ‘King of Fungi’, the Italian White Alba Truffle is the costliest in the world, beating even the highly prized black truffles. The highest someone has ever paid for this exclusive white truffle might be considered by some as ridiculous. But if someone’s paying so much for it, it can’t be all hype, can it?

Photo by algo

(Cost: $ 160400 approximately for slightly over 3 pounds)

10. Diamonds: Nature’s Miracle

And now, the grand finale. This one really takes the cake. Literally! If you love someone a lot, and want to show them how much, there usually isn’t a figure you can put to it. But if you have the cash, then maybe there is. In 2005, a pastry chef from Tokyo, Japan unveiled his piece de resistance – a fruit cake with two hundred and twenty three tiny diamonds embedded in it. The cake even had a name, ‘Diamonds: Nature’s Miracle’. It sure would be a delightful miracle if we somehow got it on our birthday!

Photo by ArtistOnline

(Cost: a jaw-dropping $1.6 million)

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  1. Coffee Clubs says:

    Kopi Luwak is definitely number 1 on the most expensive foods in the world. Imagine $50 per cup of coffee. Only rich people can afford this kind of coffee.

  2. Awesome list of most expensive foods. Saffron & Midas that I had buy is too much expensive.

  3. But with soups and pastas costing €5.50, huge salads €6.50, and the speciality stinco di maiale (roast pork shank) the most expensive item at €13, …

  4. The most expensive times to fly away on your round the world adventure are … Five things to consider in each place are: – Food safety (where can you eat

  5. Yes, In India we use Saffron. Saffron is used in sweets, milk and in many other recipes.

  6. saffron is given for a pregnant women especially for a healthy baby.

  7. zittamylayeta says:

    Does anyone know where I am able to buy Kopi Luwak coffee in USA? After i visited the UK, I tried it and its the only coffee that didn’t irritated my stomach (I am extremely sensitive). I have looked for everywhere online exactly where I can get it but it seems that many sites that ship to the US are generally fake or just offer a mix or blend of Kopi Luwak coffee.

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