Top 10 Most Unusual Christmas Trees Of 2011!

It’s that time of the year again! With Halloween behind us, the countdown for Christmas has begun. Christmas brings with it many familiar traditions of the season and we cannot comprehend Christmas without some of them, such as the quintessential Christmas Trees.  Revered as God’s tree, the Christmas Tree is considered as Christ’s blessing to mankind.

For most people, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree kept alive as long as possible; is the centerpiece of the Christmas holidays, and it isn’t Christmas without it. While some haul in the box from the basement containing artificial Christmas trees; for others, it means following the century-old tradition of finding the perfect Pine, Fir, Spruce, Cedar, Juniper or other Christmas trees.

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But who said a Christmas tree has to be Pine? Why not unusual Christmas trees made of Gold or Diamonds or bulbs or books or something else?  This is the new verdict of people from around the world. It is all about celebration – and going unique is the key to coming up with new Christmas tree ideas.

We’ve come across hundreds of innovative Christmas trees from around the world. While some are strikingly beautiful, others are plain weird; but many are highly creative and unique. These trees are sure to get you into the Christmas spirit. Have fun!

The Christian Dior Tree – Paris, France

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Famous designers like Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier among others reworked the traditional Christmas tree for a charity auction. We found the Dior Christmas tree to be one of the most creative and unusual with its silver hued metallic ruffles and gold light to accentuate them. This is one Christmas tree that is fit for the ramp. What do you think?

Floating Christmas Tree – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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There is no way one can miss this spectacular Christmas tree on the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon. Listed as the world’s largest floating Christmas tree by Guinness Book of Records, this cone-shaped fir is 85-meters high (as tall as a 29-storey building), weighs 542 tons and lit with 3.3 million miniature light bulbs, 2,100 flashing lights and 105 kilometers of glowing tubes with 12 phases of lights and colors produced.

This innovative and unusual Christmas tree has been one of the major attractions of Brazil since 1996. This year, more than a million visitors are expected to visit.  Wonder how it manages to stay afloat with all that weight.

Glass Christmas Tree – Venice, Italy

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Murano Island in Venice is known as a glassmaker’s paradise and the glassware produced here is considered to be a great contribution to the art world. In keeping with this, displays a record holding glass tree year after year. This 28 feet tall tree is said to be the tallest in the world and is sculpted most beautifully by Simone Cenedese, who is a master glass blower. With 1,000 Murano glass tubes and weighing 3 tons, it attracts appreciation from around the world and is a sight to behold.

Light Bulbs Christmas Tree – Dublin, Ireland

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Dublin’s tradition of switching on Christmas lights is a little unusual but magical. This year’s Christmas tree consists of different sized bulbs – 100,000 of them. It was set up on the O’Connell Street in 2008. This tree that weighs 5 tons and lights Dublin’s skyline, is designed by Blachere, a French firm that has the prestigious Eiffel Tower light installations to its credit. Tourists from far come over to the city to take part in the lighting ceremony which brings with it plenty of other festivities.

Greetings Christmas Tree – Beirut, Lebanon

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Beirut’s Christmas celebrations began with the lighting of this unique Christmas tree decorated with Christmas greetings in different languages.  This tree is placed in Beirut Souks and is attracting people in the hundreds. This can easily be done on a small scale, if you’re looking for great Christmas tree ideas.

Recycled Plastic Bottles Christmas Tree – Kaunas, Lithuania

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This year, a spectacular green Christmas tree greets people in the city of Kaunas in Lithuania. This eco-friendly tree is created from 40,000 recycled plastic bottles. The ingenuity of artist Jolanta Smitdtiene comes to fore in this creation placed near the city hall.  Green bottles are used with the nozzles facing out and they are fixed with zip ties.

Recycled material was chosen due to the low budget, but the resulting spectacle that stands 42 feet high is not just mesmerizing but also went on to win the Guinness world record for being the largest Christmas tree made of plastic bottles. People have access to the inside of this tree where there is a real Xmas tree.

Christmas Tree or Trees? – Dortmund, Germany

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This gigantic and awe-inspiring unusual Christmas tree shining under the brilliance of 40,000 lights, takes the pride of place right in the middle of Dortmund, Germany. It stands 45 meters high and weighs 30 tons. But what is unique about this tree is that it is made up of 1700 other Christmas trees. Germany is now said to be staking its claim for the largest Christmas tree on the planet, but this is being refuted on various grounds. Whether it is the largest or not, it certainly is one of the most unusual Christmas trees!

iPad Controlled Electric Christmas Tree – Gubbio, Italy


Said to be the largest in the world, this may not exactly be a Christmas tree in the traditional sense, but we felt it deserves a mention here for the uniqueness associated with it.  This is a Christmas tree shaped display of lights on Monte Ingino in Gubbio, Italy. While this in itself is a unique idea, what makes it more special is that the Christmas lights on this tree were brought to life by Pope Benedict XVI, who used a Sony tablet to remotely switch on the lights from his apartment in the Vatican.

Lego Bricks Christmas Tree – London, UK

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Making Christmas more epic this year, a most unusual Christmas tree has been unveiled in London: a 12-meter high tree that is made completely out of Lego bricks.

On display at St Pancras International rail station in London, this Lego Christmas tree took two months to create.  This tree with 172 branches, needed 600,000 bricks and 1200 baubles. The baubles made of Lego too, are said to have been made by local school kids and Scouts. The person behind this magnificent creation is Duncan Titmarsh, the only Lego professional in the UK.

Two Million Dollar Golden Christmas Tree – Tokyo, Japan

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Now, that’s what I call a Christmas tree! It’s not just you and me, even Santa is investing in Gold. Crafted out of pure gold, it may not be tall and gigantic like the others displayed here, but it surely has to be the costliest. The brainchild of Ginza Tanaka, a Japanese jeweler in Tokyo, this 8.2 feet gold Christmas tree is displayed at her Tokyo store.

It required 15 craftsmen working on it for four and a half months to implement this great Christmas tree idea. This sparkly tree is made from 12 kilograms of the precious metal.  The orchids, hearts and ribbons are also made of gold. It’s not her first golden Christmas tree though; her previous one was worth abut $85,000.

For those of you rich enough to want to buy this 2 million dollar pure gold ecstasy, the owner is not selling.

Having seen the above unusual Christmas trees, it’s easy to feel renewed enthusiasm to do something different this season. But remember what Charles Barnard said – “The perfect Christmas tree? All Christmas trees are perfect!”

While we appreciate the weird and whacky or the mesmerizing and beautiful Christmas trees, a simple traditional fir should do the trick of bringing in the Christmas cheer. The Christmas season is nothing but love in action!

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