World’s Most Expensive Dogs

Pet lovers and those who are fond of dogs known the value and joy a pet brings to one’s life. There are some who go to all lengths and measures for their pet dogs. An elderly couple,

Edgar and Nina Otto from Florida previously held the title for the most expensive dog in the world with their pet dog – Lancelot Encore.

Lancelot Encore has been cloned from their dead dog, Lancelot’s DNA. Lancelot died of cancer and the couple paid $155,000 to have Lancelot Encore. Most or all of Lancelot Encore’s behaviorisms is said to be a shadow of Lancelot.

Most Expensive Dogs

The most expensive dogs also need the same attention and care as any other pet, if not asks for more pampering! Some of the most expensive dog breeds has been mentioned in the following article. So read on if you would like to find out more about the world’s most expensive dogs or most expensive breed of dogs.

Tibetan Mastiff:

The Tibetan Mastiff or ‘Do-khyi’ belongs to an ancient breed of dogs belonging to Central Asia. It is a type of dog which has been domesticated by the nomads of Central Asia. The name when translated means “home guard”, “dog which may be kept” or “dog which may be tied”. The Tibetan Mastiff is by nature a protective and territorial dog and makes great guard dogs. They are known to be highly independent and intelligent breed.In the nomad villages and in camps, they are allowed to run free.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

There are two main types of Tibetan Mastiff dog breeds – the Do-khyi and the “Tsang-Khyi”, which refers to “dog from Tsang” and also known as the “monastery type”. The former breed is taller, heavier and heavily boned than the “nomad type” or “Do-khyi”. Some of the nuisances that come with the Tibetan Mastiff are they can be destructive at times and a loud barker.  They love cold climates and bonding with their owners. Most Tibetan Mastiffs have a life expectancy of about 10-14 years.

The Tibetan Mastiff holds the current record as the world’s most expensive dog and was bought by a Chinese millionaire called Ms. Wang at an enormous price of $582,000! Tibetan Mastiff prices start from $350,000 and these dogs are known to be the world’s most expensive dogs.


A rottweiler is a domestic dog which originated from Rottweil in Germany. They were also referred to as “Rottweil butchers’ dogs” as they were used to pull meat laden carts to the market and also used to herd livestock. The Rottweiler ranges in size and belongs to a medium to large size breed of domestic dogs. They make good hunting companions but now days they are mostly help in search and rescue and act as guard dogs for the blind, guard or police dogs and various other roles.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Yorkshire Terrier:

The Yorkshire terrier is said to have developed during the 19th century from the historical area of Yorkshire, England. It is a terrier type and is a small dog breed and weighs as less as 3.2 kg (7.03 pounds). ‘Yorkie’ is the nickname given to the Yorkshire terrier and can be trained to become a show dog. There are also minute or extremely small “Yorkies” weighing less than 3 pounds and they are called “Teacups”. The life span of a healthy Yorkshire terrier is 12-15 years. Yorkshire terrier is valued at about $4000 to $7000 in the market.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Pharaoh Hound:

A first glance at the Pharaoh hound shows an athletic and good structured or graceful built. The Pharaoh hound is the national dog of the Mediterranean nation of Malta and its native name – “Kelb tal-Fenek” means “rabbit hound”. The Pharaoh hound has good instincts when it comes to hunting and makes a good outdoor companion. Its height is normally between 21 to 25 inches and weighs about 40 to 60 pounds. The life expectancy of a Pharaoh hound is 12 to 15 years or more. A Pharaoh hound costs approximately $2000 to $3000.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons


The Maltese falls under the ‘toy group’ breed of small dogs. The breed has descended from dogs which have originated from the Central Mediterranean Area – island of Malta. In English it is known as the “ancient dog of Malta”, “the Maltese Lion Dog” and also called the “Roman Ladies’ Dog”. The Maltese dog will cost as much as $1500 to $2500.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Staffordshire terrier:

The Staffordshire bull terrier (also called “staffie”, “Stanfford” or “Staffy”) is a medium-sized, short-coated and old-time breed of dog. It was originally bred for dog fighting after bull baiting became illegal. The Staffordshire bull terrier is an English breed closely related to the bull terrier and is also similar in appearance which is muscular with an athletic built. The market price of the Staffordshire terrier ranges from $1000 to $1300.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Bearded Collie:

The “Beardie” or Bearded collie is a type of herding breed of dog and initially used by Scottish shepherds. It is used to herd both sheep and cattle and makes a highly loyal companion. Nowadays one can hardly see many working bearded collies. It costs around $700 to $800.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Akita Inu:

Akita Inu is a large dog belonging to a Japanese breed and at times is also called the Akita-Ken based on the Sino-Japanese reading of the same Kanji. Colloquially it is known as the “Japanese Akita”. The word Inu means “dog”, the Akita Inu comes in five colors- red, fawn, sesame, brindle and pure white. The Akita Inu has been known to have an extraordinary elegance. Akita Inu puppy will cost as much as $500 to $800.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons


Komodor is a Hungarian breed of livestock guardian dog with long and corded coat. They are also referred to as ‘mop dogs’ and is a dominant dog breed with natural guardian instinct to guard livestock and other property. The coat of the komodor forms its trademark. A komodor puppy can be purchased for around $400 to $500.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Bichon Frise:

Bichon Frise in French means “curly white lap dog” and is a small dog breed of the Bichon group/type. They make good pets and are a little larger in size to the tiny Maltese dogs. Bichon Frise requires daily grooming but is a non-shedding breed of dog. The market price for a Bichon Frise puppy ranges from $300 to $1500.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Now  that you know more about the world’s most expensive dogs, if you would like to own such a pet then start saving your money!

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