10 Tips for Decorating a Christmas Tree

The holiday season has arrived and Christmas is in the air. Unsure how to start your Christmas tree decorations? Need some assistive Christmas tree decoration ideas? Go through the 10 tips for decorating a Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Before you begin decorating a Christmas tree, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Safety always comes first, so make sure to place the Christmas tree away from the fireplace, furnace, heater and other sources of heat.
  • Before decking up a natural Christmas tree, it should be kept clean and properly trimmed.
  • To keep the Christmas tree looking fresh and vibrant, it should be immediately placed in water. This does not apply to an artificial Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Themes

Christmas tree themes have become a huge fad during Xmas time. Choosing Christmas tree themes will help to get the over-all look of the tree and make it easier to decorate. Start off by selecting from various Christmas tree themes like Santa Claus, snowmen, angels, snowflakes and many others. You can create your own  .Christmas tree themes

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Christmas Tree Color

Picking out the right color adds radiance to the Christmas tree. The color can be matched with the Christmas tree theme. Using a single color or a blend of two colors like red & gold or silver & blue can be applied. To suit the festive mood colors like red, green, white and metallic colors (gold, silver and bronze) can be opted for.

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Christmas Tree Garlands

There is no specific method to follow while adorning a Christmas tree with garlands. You can use your own ideas and let your imagination flow! Two strands of garlands are required to cover each layer of the Christmas tree. Christmas tree garlands can be made at home by stringing together things like:

  • Popcorn – it is the favorite choice while making a garland.  Using air popped popcorn is a better option than using ready made microwave popcorn.
  • Wine corks – holes need to be punched into the corks before string it together. Colorful and wooden beads can also be added to make it look prettier.
  • Cranberries – Apart from using popcorn and wine corks, you can also make garlands out of fresh cranberries.
  • Pine cones – Collect pine cones from near by forests or buy some from a store. You can even paint the cones with metallic colors and add glitter for a sparkling effect.

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Christmas Tree Ribbons

Ribbons are the perfect touch while decorating a Christmas tree. Try not to use too much ribbon as it can make the tree look cluttered and covered up. While decorating a Christmas tree with ribbons, you can opt for velvet and silk. Use different colored ribbons to bring out the festive mood.

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Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments are the ‘icing on the cake’, and play a major role while decorating a Christmas tree.  It enhances the beauty and makes the Christmas tree come alive!

Christmas tree ornaments come in all shapes and sizes; it usually differs from tree to tree. You can choose from an assortment of Christmas tree ornaments such as glass Christmas ornaments, wooden Christmas tree ornaments, antique Christmas tree ornaments or even Disney Christmas tree ornaments.
Making homemade Christmas tree ornaments and using recycled Christmas tree ornaments brings creativity while decorating a Christmas tree.

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Personalized Christmas tree ornaments like framed family photos and individual pictures add a certain charm. Baubles are a classic pick and are available in several forms, colors, shapes and sizes.

Christmas Tree Lights

To add some grandeur to your Christmas tree, drape it with Christmas tree lights. Check to see if the lights are working before you place it on the Christmas tree. The length of the Christmas tree lights mostly depends on the size of the X-mas tree. A good rule to imply is to use 100 lights for every 1 foot of the Christmas tree. Christmas tree lights vary in type and quality, the most frequently used are:

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  • Novelty Christmas tree lights – it is simple and quick to set up.
  • Bubble Christmas tree lights – it has liquid in the base and gives the tree more luminance.
  • LED Christmas tree lights – they consume less heat and electricity.

Once you have picked out the lights, then you can begin decorating the Christmas tree following certain patterns like:

  • Lighting individual branches – wind each branch with the strands of lights from top to bottom. This procedure keeps the wires from entangling and prevents accidents.
  • Lighting vertically (from top to bottom) – place the light strands in a straight line, so that the lights hang horizontally from each layer.
  • Lighting in a zigzag fashion – beginning from the top of the tree, hang the light strands in a zigzag pattern till the foot of the tree.

Christmas Tree Skirt

Placing a tree skirt on a Christmas tree will make it look well decorated. Christmas tree skirts are used to dress the foot of the tree, and also doubles-up as an area to place Christmas gifts. Traditionally, Christmas tree skirts were used as a cloth to gather falling branch needles and wax from candles. Tree skirts are usually made of cloth; you can either purchase one from a store or make it yourself. You can use embroidered and beaded tree skirts to beautify the Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Topper

No Christmas tree decoration can be complete without a tree topper. It is the last piece of decoration which is added to the Christmas tree. The angel and the star are the most iconic tree toppers. A huge bow made of ribbons can also be used as a Christmas tree topper.

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So this Christmas make sure your tree looks it best by simply following the 10 tips for decorating a Christmas tree. Your decorated Christmas tree will look more stunning than ever!

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  1. Wonderful decorations. The decoration brings out the true spirit of Christmas.

  2. Whitneyoharrah says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing! Absolutely beautiful decorations! And when you are decorating this holiday, don't forget to practice holiday safety! Here are some tips to keep in mind:…/. Happy Decorating!

  3. Magnet918 says:

    very helpful tips. they enlightened me how to decorate my own. and the trees you posted WOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTmas everyone….

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  5. Kinvarra13 says:

    Use Icecle lights on the tree branches. It's much easier than winding straight line lights around the branches. The end result is beautiful from the inside to the outside.

  6. Yukyuk says:

    My favorite XMAS tree is when the day after New Years comes and I drag my tree out in the yard, and set it on fire. Half the fun is watching the horror on the face of the neighbors, as they stare in disbelief. What a sight!

  7. Benny says:

    Merry Christmas!


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