Elegance and Sophistication: 2011 Best Wedding Dresses

2011 is bringing back opulence and style, but in a classy and sophisticated way. Wedding dresses 2011 has to offer are much more elegant and refined that dresses over the past decade, and it’s not a moment too soon in my opinion.

Best Wedding Dresses

Brides need choices, and lately the only choices seemed to be tight and tighter. Form fitting dresses can be unbelievably elegant, but the preferred style of 2011 is bringing back the true roots of the formal wedding gown: the ball gown.

Full Wedding Dresses

The trend over the last few years has been for wedding dresses to be form fitting or straight. The strapless gown has ruled and the straight skirt has added plenty of sophistication. Unfortunately, this preference for straight skirts hasn’t been flattering for everyone, and those girls who opted out of the design took the risk of being out of fashion. Fortunately, the runways of 2011 brought back one of the most popular wedding dress styles over the past centuries – full skirted beauties reminiscent of true ball gowns.

These full dresses have an A-line shape or even a tucked waist and full skirt. The dresses often have a sweeping train along the back with embellishment worthy of a debutante from years gone by. The dresses are impressively elegant with a sophistication perfectly suitable for a younger bride who can pull off the fresh face of a princess waltzing down the aisle in such a tremendous confection of tulle, lace and beading. While some of the ball gowns that make up the wedding dresses 2011 is offering are simple in design, the opulent fabrics and embellishments made a significant impact as well.

Embellishment and Décor on the Best Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses have been far from simple lately and this trend continues, although with less intensity, in 2011. The wedding dresses designers presented had some significant simple trends, but almost all had at least one form of embellishment. Tucks, folds and ruching mark the beginnings of embellished styles, and you’d be hard pressed not to find a floral appliqué or a bit of beading on the dress as well. Many styles are completed covered in elegant floral appliqués and beaded designs. Others have only a net or lace overlay near the top. Sophisticated designs mark the best wedding dresses with embellishments strategically placed to brighten the face or draw attention to a narrow waist.

Sumptuous Fabrics for Wedding Dresses

The best wedding dresses presented at the recent fashion events all had one thing in common. Regardless of how the dress was designed, the gown was always made from a sumptuous fabric. Gone are flimsy, wispy materials. The wedding dresses 2011 will carry have rich, remarkable fabrics. Often, these fabrics give the dress it’s most impressive features. Organza, shimmery materials and illusion add grandeur to the wedding dresses making them a rich experience both to wear and to watch.

Metallic for the Best Wedding Dresses

One of the big trends for wedding dresses in 2011 are the metallic shades that are showing up in decorations, bridesmaid dresses and now in the wedding dresses. Simple accents such as shimmering belts or shining dresses glow as you walk down the runway. Otherwise simple dresses get embellished sleeves and embroidery in metallic hues for a bit of added opulence and fun.

Along the same lines as the metallic shades appearing throughout the wedding finery, grey has been spotted often in place of traditional black or white. Grey belts or accents are common on the wedding dresses were bronze or pink might have been just a few years ago. You’ll now find both the groom and the bride in shades of grey as well, as color plays a bit more into the best wedding dresses as well.

Colorful Wedding Dresses

Color has been changing on wedding dresses over the last few years, and this trend continues in the best wedding dresses 2011 presented. From peaches and pinks you might expect to richer hues or blue and grey, there is no longer and rule that the best wedding dresses need to be white or cream. The full palette of colors is available for wedding dresses, and unlike the simple pastel suits of the past, these colorful wedding dresses are fully embellished and designed to be worn by glamorous brides as they walk down the aisle.

You’ll find chiffon in shades of dove gray and ivory in shades far from ivory or white. Of course, you can still find the best wedding dresses in the traditional shades of white, but for brides willing to take a step outside of the norm, there are colorful gowns available in virtually every fit or style for your big day.

Short Gowns

With outdoor wedding venues becoming increasingly popular, short gowns have been on the rise as well, and 2011 brought many lovely short gowns to a new collection. From sleek dresses with short, full skirts to mini-skirted tulle confections, short gowns were seen frequently across the runways. Paired with a beautiful hair ornament rather than the more traditional veil, you’ll find short gowns are a great way to glam up a more casual wedding.

From ball gowns heavy with rich fabrics to the short gowns crisp with folded embellishments, the best wedding gowns 2011 showcased are diverse enough that every woman can find a look that is beautiful, fashionable and best of all, perfectly suited to her unique style for one of the most meaningful days in her life.

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  1. Teki2tone says:

    I don't like strapless wedding gowns – and none of these were particularly elegant.

  2. Tania says:

    The rich look that a wedding dress gives to the bride truly gives a glow to the occasion.

  3. This beautiful wedding dress which adorned his pretty wife entered the Guinness World record as it was something that no one ever dreamt of. The effort that was put in by Zhao Peng and his family in making of the longest dress in the world costed him about $5,856.


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