Top 10 Signs Your Boyfriend is Cheating

The best of the couples and the inseparable love birds also have some issues in the relationship. In most of the cases the boyfriends drift away faster than the girlfriends. Not in all cases it means that the boyfriend is cheating on the girlfriend. But it is always better to be safe than regret later.

Signs of Cheating Boyfriends

Some girls feel lost and too dismissive to keep an eye on their boyfriends and pick up the signs of a cheating boyfriend. Read the top 10 signs of cheating boyfriends and know how to catch a cheating man in your life


The most of the gadget freaks will also not spend so much time with their mobile phones and computers under normal circumstances. If he is being too possessive and protective about his phone and computer, changed his log in IDs which his girlfriend knew, spending too much time on his internet accounts, chatting over SMS too much suddenly, keeping the phone from his girlfriend, or even deleting the call logs and SMS logs, keeping the phone on silent mode when the girlfriend is around, does not take calls in front of the girlfriend, talking in a weird third person singular manner over phone with girlfriend around, and many such more sudden weird attachment and acts with the boyfriends’ gadgets can be alarming.

Even if the relationship status on social networking sites suddenly changes to “single” and the explanation is unconvincing then the girlfriends have all the reasons to look for further signs of cheating.

PDAs & Public Appearances Stop

Suddenly the public display of affections stops. Holding hands, walking close with arms around, casual chats in some park, the sweet cuddly kisses, and many such PDAs becomes a coy act for the boyfriends then it is a big reason to get worried for the girlfriends.

The girlfriend has the divine reason to get paranoid if the boyfriend avoids all possible public appearances with the girlfriend and inevitably comes up with some reason or else for being unable to attend common gatherings with the girlfriend.

Offence Is The Best Defense

If the boyfriend is defensive about any of his inconvenient or unconvincing act and simply denies explaining it, or if he has hurt his girlfriend by any of his act and is getting away with it by ignoring the whole episode, then give another thought about his loyalty.

If he is bringing back some past issues of the girlfriend or implying that the girlfriend is cheating on him, and defending himself for not being explainable, then it goes beyond doubt he is at fault himself this time.


No need to trust all his words as Bible Gospels, even if the boyfriend comes up with some extremely convincing stories for his unduly acts or absence or ignorance. Always cross him about that particular “explanation” a few days later. The result can be doubting, so check on those and tally.

Rising Criticizing

The extremely loving and complimenting boyfriend suddenly starts noticing some “supposed” flaws in the girlfriend, starts criticizing things which had earlier attracted him or had been too light for him to count, suddenly expects too alien things from the girlfriend in every possible way be it in physical intimacy or dishes served for dinner or gift preferences, then the girl better start counting her boyfriends sudden changed liking ways and find out what is influencing him towards these.

Gut Feeling

Trust the gut feelings of a girl being one, and it is scientifically proven also that women have stronger gut feeling. If the sense of distance has occurred within somewhere deep down the heart, do not ignore it. There is no harm to check ad make sure that every thing is fine in and out in the relationship.

Smell & Tell

Guys are usually not that conscious about smells and fragrances from them. But if the boyfriend is covered with strong fragrance, or a new fragrance, then the girlfriend should double check on his whereabouts. Sometimes the boyfriend gets too comfortable with the other girl in his life and their fragrances merge, and sometimes even to cover up the other girl’s fragrance the guy takes a deo shower of his own.

Past Ghost

The past should not matter in a relationship though, but still sometimes the records prove to be tracking the boyfriend well enough. No matter however mad the girls is at the past girl of her boyfriend but talking and figuring out what went wrong between them could prove blessing sometimes.

If a particular patter of any of his ill-behavior or “supposed” showed reason for dumping his ex-girlfriends are being repeated, then there are all possibilities of him repeating it again with the present girl as well. The guy usually gets sure about the particular trick which has worked a couple of times with the girls. It is human psychology to depend on something which has worked earlier.

Over-do Cannot Under-do

Sometimes guys over-do things to cover up for their infidelity. The girlfriends can be going painting the town red & blue like their fancies for being over pampered by their boyfriends, but the hidden truth of the other side of the picture could be different. The guys might be doing this from the guilt feeling of cheating on the girlfriends or simply leaving no base and space in the girls’ mind to even have the slightest of the hints of his disloyalty.

Live-in Heaven Has Hell Beneath

The live-in couples usually do not get the wave of cheating on each other since they are together for no other reason but the bond of love within. But sometimes all hells break and things between them even go wrong. At the initial stage the boyfriends start becoming too self-dependent and it appears that they do not need the girlfriends for the small daily things, return eating outside and avoid home cooked food, the cars which the guys use suddenly start looking like manly & stud cars.

At the worst level the guys would pick up any issue and fight on it and inevitably clomp out of doors, shift to separate bedrooms, and might even say that a break is needed to value the distance and realize the true meaning of the relationship and the girlfriends’ place in his life and heart.

There could be more signs to find whether the boyfriend is cheating on the girlfriend, how to catch a cheating boyfriend, or is he cheating, and only the top 10 signs of cheating boyfriends are been listed in the article.

However, the girls should not be going wild to figure out if their boyfriends are cheating on them and doubting the boyfriends 24/7, because that might actually take all the sweetness out of the relationship and without any “cheating signs” the boyfriend would be compelled to leave the girlfriend.

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  1. What about cheating girlfriends? Hmm… Seems like you have written half the article .. Complete it my dear !!!

  2. Anwiksha Flyhigh says:

    well…dera this is a complete article.. u seem to have missed the global research graph of cheating on the partner.. which shows men cheat on their women more often han women do on their men..  this is a small initiative to help those millions of women who blindly trust their men just on the basis of love. but those women tend to forget that trust is the prior basis of any emotion.. not at all their fault..  it is just that those cheating men are not good enough to deserve those women’s priceless love…..

  3. Oh my dear .. READ THIS FACT:–theyre-just-better-lying-it.html

    “Does she feel guilty about the affair? ‘Not so long as Adrian doesn’t find out. You know the 11th commandment: don’t get caught.’ 
    Women are better liars because they’re more psychologically sophisticated,’ says Dr Holmes. ‘You can argue about whether it’s nature or nurture, but women are programmed to be much more relationship and people orientated than men. 
    Another Fact:

    Now my dear what do you say ??? Don’t write something which is biased, on the contrary do try to find facts to support your argument !!!

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