Amazon Introduces Smaller, Lighter Kindle

This is it. You heard it first here. Print is dead. Close down the bookstores and libraries. This newest Kindle will change the world. OK, maybe not, but  Amazon has still outdone itself again, releasing two new Kindle versions with new features and a smaller form factor.

As is Amazonian tradition, the newest Kindle fails to have a version number associated with it, but in case you are counting, this is generation three. Kindle 3 is 21 percent smaller but still maintains the 6-inch reading area of generation 2. It is also 17 percent lighter (in weight that is), and introduces a new E-Ink screen that displays 50 percent better contrast.  In addition, the Kindle 3 has double the storage capacity and a new experimental Webkit-based web browser, which further allows you to read just about anything not found in a book (in black and white, of course).

This generation of the Kindle has two versions: 1) the Wi-Fi only version for $139, and 2) the Wi-Fi plus 3G version for $189.  Among the benefits of the Wi-Fi only version is that it can get 3 weeks of battery life with the wireless on.

The newest Kindle will go on sale at on August 27th, but eager readers can now pre-order their book killers (or tree savers, depending on your perspective). This Kindle comes in two colors: the traditional white and the new graphite, for all those who left dirty fingerprints on their old Kindle.

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