Free Skype Wi-Fi for Holiday Season

Holiday season is already here and therefore millions of people are already planning to get back to their family or probably planning to go somewhere with their friends and family members where they can spend some quality time with them. No matter wherever you are you should always stay in touch with your loved ones and therefore Skype is coming up with better schemes that can help people to stay connected even when they are on the go. Skype has recently announced that they will be offering free Wi-Fi in selected airports across the United States from December 21 to December 27 that would help travelers to stay connected even when they are in transit.

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Linda Summers from Skype Marketing said that holidays are always about staying connected with the loved ones and to make it easy Skype is helping people to have meaningful connections this holiday season no matter wherever they are. She said that the voice or video call through Skype will help people to stay connected in case they are not able to be together for the holidays. The Skype Wi-Fi will be available for free which travelers can use on their computers, laptops and iPhones.


All the travelers who are going through these selected airports or those who are stranded on the airports because of delay can now log on to Skype Wi-Fi and connect to their loved ones directly and have a nice voice or video calls until they reach the destination. There are more than 60 airports all over the United States where Skype Wi-Fi will be available for free and therefore users can always check out the list of airports provided on the Skype website. People can even make use of the Skype Credit as payment methods if they want to use the Skype Wi-Fi rather than choosing any other service provider.

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