LG Enhances the Magic Motion in 2012

Smart entertainment devices are already flooding the market and therefore many companies are now looking forward to capture the attention of the consumers. LG has been among the top companies that is trying to make its presence felt in the smart entertainment device market and way back in 2010 LG decided to showcase the LG Magic Motion at the CES 2010 that had remote control with Wii-like capabilities. This means that the remote control can understand certain gestures that you make with your hands. Now, LG has announced that they will come up with the new model of LG Magic Motion in the year 2012.

The all new LG Magic Motion will make things better for the users because users can now make selections and browse through different channels and menus only by pointing the remote at the right options and pressing buttons that can do the activities that they want to do. LG had already come up with such models in the year 2010 but they have made certain changes to their models and they have decided to come up with better updates and refinements when they launch the new models in 2012.

LG has announced that the new LG Magic Motion models will be refreshing but they have also mentioned that the core features of the remote control will remain the same. They revealed that they will be working on the design of the remote control to make it more ergonomical and they will also include certain new features like voice recognition for text input, a scroll wheel for Magic Gestures and another list of features that they would like to reveal at another time in the future. The all new LG Magic Motion will be available in the market in the first quarter of 2012 but people will be able to see it on display and demonstration at the CES 2012.

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