List of 4 Best Xbox 360 Games

When Microsoft decided to foray into the console gaming business, there were different opinions varying from “it would be a disaster” to “other consoles better watch out”. The latter proved to be true, as Microsoft’s Xbox continues to be a dominating force and is recognized due to awesome and irresistible exclusive titles it boasts! Mentioned below are Xbox’s top 5 performers.

1. Halo 3

Before Bungie Studio was tasked by Microsoft with developing “the first person shooter for consoles”, the FPS genre wasn’t well received on consoles. But, Halo series changed all that! The third installment of this hugely popular franchise was released in September 2007 and has since sold 8.1 million copies worldwide making it an astounding commercial success. Halo 3 features the adventures of the main protagonist “Chief Master”, a surgically enhanced super solider as he fights against an alien race called “Covenant”, who are hell-bent on destroying the human species. On the critic side, Halo 3 enjoys a metacritic rating of 94/100. Halo 4, scheduled for release later this year, is among the top most anticipated games of the year.

2. Gears of War

Gears of War is to Xbox what Uncharted series is to PS3. The fans of both consoles are continually comparing both the exclusives against each other, which makes up for a nice cross console rivalry. Gears of War is the brainchild of Epic Games and follows the exploits of Delta Squad as they battle a subterranean enemy called Locust Horde. Players assume the identity of Marcus Fenix, a scarred, tough as nails soldier who along with his trusty sidekicks are humanity’s last bastion against the invading horde. The game has so far been released in three installments and has collectively sold more than 14 million copies worldwide. In terms of gameplay, Gears has laid the foundation for third person shooter tactical cover system and boasts an array of signature weapons including the crowd favorite Lancer assault rifle. On the critic side, Gears of Wars series enjoys a metacritic rating of 95/100.

3. Fable II

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Take a journey into the fantastic and mystical world of Albion! Castles, magic, goblins and ghouls all await you on a thrill of a lifetime ride. I think this premise is enough to get the adrenaline pumping of any fan of RPG genre and Fable II delivers in a big way. Developed by lionhead Studios for Microsoft, Fable II is an open world adventure and features interactive cut scenes, crucial to game plot. You have a companion dog which tags along as you go about quests and there’s family and relationships to be developed and nurtured, just like real world! Fable II has so far sold 5 million copies worldwide and enjoys a metacritic rating of 90/100.

4. Forza Motorsport

Originally released for the original Xbox gaming system, Forza Motorsport has so far spawned 3 sequels and is among the most liked and critically acclaimed racing games available for Xbox 360.  Forza is an Italian word which means force or strength. It is an appropriate title for the game which features real world super cars like Enzo Ferrari and Le Mans. Playing Forza is like stepping in the shoes of a real world race car driver! The attention to detail in rendering these cars on screen is simply outstanding; there’s the damage received which perfectly mimics real world crash mechanics. There’s an option of customizing your ride according to your preferences and come up with totally different looking vehicle than what you started with. Critically, Forza Motorsport is highly acclaimed by critics’ title and has a metacritic ranking of 93/100. Forza is “by far the most realistic console racer ever made, and its hands-down the best racing game on Xbox”.


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