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Apple’s tablet computer, iPad was immensely liked by users all over the world. Following the success of the original iPad, Apple has introduced the much awaited second version of the iPad, iPad 2 on the 2nd of March, 2011.

iPad 2 Apps

Amid much speculation, the product was showcased to the world by Apples charismatic founder, Steve Jobs despite his poor health. Unlike other Apple products, iPad 2 was available almost immediately from March 11, 2011 and just like most of the Apple’s products, the iPad 2 has been totally designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc. The product is much lighter and faster than its predecessor. It also sports the new dual core Apple A5 processor and also has a 720p rear-facing camera to be used with FaceTime video messaging. iPad 2 will be commercially available in as many as 25 countries within its first month. Apple dominates the App Market with more than 80% share and has been favored by App Developers. For an in-depth details, iPad 2 review was being discussed already!

Hence, it is not surprising that iPad 2 has a large number of iPad2 apps with few iPad2 apps provided by Apple itself. Some of the best iPad Apps that are readily available through the Apple Store are iMovie, Garage Band 2, iBooks, Keynote, PhotoBooth, FaceTime for iPad, Flipboard, Infinity Blade, Air Video. With every passing day, the number of both the free iPad2 apps and paid iPad2 Apps is on the rise. Apple’s A5 has been touted to have twice the CPU performance and nine times the graphics performance. This has excited the application developers as it will be a big boost to the user experience of various graphic intense games.


This is one of the best iPad Apps that has been specifically designed for videos. It enables the large-screen editing of HD videos and comes with three new themes, namely, Neon, Simple and CNN Report. Videos created with this iPad2 app can be easily distributed via email, MMS or MobileMe. Moreover, these videos can be exported on to both Mac and PC and can be accessed on a HDTV too. As this iPad2 app also has iTunes support, it can be used to edit videos shot on iPhone 4.

GarageBand 2:

This powerful iPad2 app from Apple enables the creation of professional quality album with minimal efforts and in a short time. This allows users to record real instruments and allows the mixing of as many as eight tracks in the recording studio. Users can also email the songs to their iTune Library. Piano, various drum kits, guitar, bass guitar, and a wide variety of synthesizers are some of the virtual instruments that are available through this iPad2 app and it is also one of the top iPad apps.


Another one of the best iPad apps, this iPad2 app has been developed by Apple and allows users to read ebooks on the tablet. It was first released during the iPad2’s predecessor’s release. The content for iBooks is primarily sourced from ePub but it also allows its users to add their own files. This is usually done by synchronizing the data with the iTunes. Being lighter and faster, iPad 2 is presumed to be a very useful device for avid readers. The dual core operating system of Apple is expected to be very useful in accessing animated books and also text searching the e-books.


Keynote is one of the top iPad apps that allows users to access the newly announced Keynote Theme Collection by Apple. Users can choose twenty new themes for $19.99 fee or can alternatively access ten Themes in Action for a fee of $23.99. It also enables the user to use all the thirty themes by paying a fee of $29.99. All the themes come in as many as five different sizes. The latest version of Keynote is 5.0.5 and was released in January 2011 just in time for the iPad 2’s release.

FaceTime for iPad:

Another one of the best iPad apps offered by Apple, FaceTime was probably the most expected additional feature for the iPad. FaceTime was first introduced during the release of the iPhone4 and allows users to video chat. It works only on Wi-Fi and not on 3G networks. This iPad2 app is available at the App Store.

Photo Booth:

The Photo Booth iPad 2 app is another top iPad app that was previously available just for Mac users. The front facing camera can be used to capture headshots which can then be edited by the user. A simple effects pane available helps create as many as eight new versions of the picture. This application is definitely expected to attract many youngsters to the all new iPad 2.

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Twitter App:

Twitter is hugely popular all around the world and Apple has posted an upgrade of its official iOS Twitter iPad2 app thus making it possible to use it in the iPad 2. The upgraded version is specifically designed for big screens and has richer media content. It allows the user to read the currently discussed topics without even having to open a twitter account. However, an account will be required to post tweets, shorten links, re-tweet and reply to other users. The twitter app for iPad 2 has received positive reviews for its rich features, excellent design of the panel and the deployment of advanced gestures.


The Flipboard helps in easy consumption of the web content. Not only is this iPad2 app one of the best iPad app it is also very fast, easy and efficient way of accessing everything available over the internet. It can be used to convert blogs, news sites into easy magazine style pages. It can also be used to easily access social networking platforms such as Facebook, and Twitter feeds. This is one of the best iPad app that is also available for free and can be easily downloaded onto to your iPad2. Combined with the ease, speed and efficiency of iPad 2, the user experience of Flipboard is bound to be at its best.

A large amount of information is available over the internet about these applications for iPad 2. Many newspapers and tech-savvy bloggers have reviewed various applications and have selected their top choices. With over 400,000 paid and free Apps in the App Store that covers everything from remote and secure connection to fitness classes and users can be sure to find applications that suit their entertainment choices as well as lifestyle and are definitely all set to change the future of technology.

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  1. With better performance than the original, and the front & back cameras on-board, this opens up a whole lot of opportunities for new apps.

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    Check out new iPad2/iPhone app, Scan. Scan is going to be one of the first apps specifically made for the new iPad2, taking advantage of the new built in cameras!

    Scan was created by myself and my 2 buddies. We are 3 young students from a small town called Provo, Utah.

    Scan is a free app.

    PS. Something kind of fun: You can scan the icon itself! It is a hosted code so we can redirect the icons destination at any time. Just some proof that we put thought and effort into every small detail of our app : )

    More information can be found at:

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    Damn it! Have all of them already! I need more!! lol

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    This list is pretty poor. There are only 2 third party apps, and you've listed built in apps.

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