Top 10 Best iPhone Apps Every iPhone User Must Own

Best iPhone Apps

Ever since the Apple iPhone came out, a whole slew of applications has been created and released for the device. Now, they not all exceptional, and even fewer are actually good, but then this list does not bother with the average or the mediocre. Reading on, you will discover the top 10 best iPhone apps that every iPhone user must own. Seriously, if it’s on this list, it should be on your iPhone! And now, without further ado, the list of the top 10 iPhone apps.

1. Google Mobile

With this application on your iPhone, you’ll be able to find out whatever you want about whoever or wherever! Imagine meeting a potential business partner, and you need to know whether you can trust the person. How do you make a snap decision about a thing like that? Just whip out your iPhone, run a Google search for that person’s name, see what comes up and then decide! Or if you’re visiting some new place and don’t know what to do that evening, Google the local party hotspots, and then suit up and head on toward the most happening parties in town! Thanks to Google Mobile for iPhone, the information you’re looking for is only a tap of the finger away.

2. WeatherBug

If you want to find out about the day’s weather forecast just before you and your friends set out for that boating trip, and your vehicle’s radio malfunctions, don’t panic. If you have the WeatherBug application downloaded on your iPhone, information about local weather is literally at your fingertips. With this application, you can check the weather at over 40,000 locations all over the world, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re headed to Miami, Madrid or Mumbai. WeatherBug allows you to access radar maps, weather cameras, daily or weekly forecasts and lots more.

3. CraigsPhone

Let’s face it. In this age, we can’t do without the internet. Already, a lot of us cannot do without Craigslist. The great thing about it is the almost infinite possibilities it offers. Whether you’re looking for a job or want to trade your camera for a guitar, Craigslist will always help you find what you’re looking for and if not, at least something like it. Amongst the many Craigslist-related iPhone apps, CraigsPhone stands out because of its intuitive and easy to use interface.

4. Pedometer

One of the best iPhone applications in recent times is the Pedometer app. Used by several health-conscious iPhone users, Pedometer helps you to maintain track of how much distance you’ve run or jogged or even walked. Each step you take is recorded by Pedometer, and at the end of your workout, you can check not only how many calories you have burnt, but also whether that has been enough as per the goal or target you’d set earlier! Using the Pedometer iPhone app, you will be able to monitor and control your walking or running schedules and view and analyze how much weight you’ve been losing. This is what makes it feature amongst the best iPhone apps.

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5. Pandora Radio

After careful consideration, it can be said that that Pandora Radio is the very best of iPhone apps in this category. You could ask, what makes it the best, and the answer would be, the way it works. All you need to do is, enter a band’s name into the search field. Pandora is so intuitive that at once, a playlist is created with music by that band or musician. If Pandora cannot locate music by a particular band or musician, what it then does is to create a playlist with tracks from within that very genre! This is without a doubt one of the best iPhone apps ever made, and if you love your music, then you have to get this one on your iPhone.

6. NY Times for iPhone

When it comes to delivering the news straight from the scene of the event, few media companies do it better than The New York Times. It’s quite apparent that the newspaper takes its role as one of the leaders of the New Media very seriously; the NY Times iPhone application is one of the best media applications ever designed for the Apple iPhone. The moment you launch this leader amongst media iPhone apps, you get to see the very latest news, from a minute ago to the morning’s happenings. This app allows you to select the news categories you want to view, and then browse through the various entries in those categories by merely sliding your finger down the screen of the phone. Another great thing about this app is that you can email an interesting story or news item if you want!

7. Tipper

Has is ever happened that you’ve been in a restaurant with some friends, and after the meal when the check arrived, you weren’t sure at all, how much you should tip the waiter? It’s happened to all of us. And now, thanks to the Tipper iPhone app, it probably won’t ever happen again. The reason it is considered one of the best iPhone apps is that it is immensely useful in situations such as the one mentioned here. It works like this: the Tipper iPhone app lets you know the appropriate tip amount by factoring in multiple variables such as the amount of the bill, quality of service, how many persons ate that meal, etc. You can then find out exactly how much each person should pay, taking into account the tip suggested by Tipper!

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8. Instapaper

In any list of the best iPhone apps, this one should definitely not be left out. What makes this an excellent application is that it allows you to instantaneously bookmark the link to a website so that you can refer to it whenever you want to. It works somewhat like bookmarks in Internet browsers. What makes Instapaper unique is its ability to copy the text from the ‘bookmarked’ site and save them offline on your iPhone so you can access your info from anywhere.

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9. Sport Tap

There can be no list of best iPhone apps without at least one sports-related application being included in it. That one application in this list is SportTap. It really is a great iPhone app, as it can be used to keep sports fans posted about the scores of ongoing games, players’ stats, dates of forthcoming matches in various sports and lots more. Whether you’re into football, basketball, baseball, tennis or even golf, SportTap can get you the information you want about your team or your favorite player. Structured simply, this iPhone app lets you find our live scores with ease, and thereby justifies its inclusion in this list.

10. Facebook for iPhone

Written, produced and presented by Facebook itself, this application cannot but be seen as one of the best iPhone apps ever fashioned. There’s not much to say about this iPhone app. It’s FB, but on your iPhone. With this application on your phone, you can do everything you usually do on FB, whether it’s updating your status message or playing Farmville! If you use Facebook, then there’s no way you can do without having this excellent app on your iPhone.

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    You're sleeping on Pricecheckah. It uses the great RedLaser barcode scanner, but gives you results from Amazon, eBay, walmart, overstock, as well as Google. It even let's you put in your own stores.

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