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Windows Mobile Apps

Windows mobile was one of the original smart phones which provide thousands of apps from the pocket PC. Many mobile operators and manufacturers are providing huge number of applications in their mobile phones. But windows mobile include a handful of apps in its mobile phones. If we ask the question which network provides a large number of apps, the answer will be windows mobile. It is providing apps since several years.

There are number of mobile software developers who are manufacturing their handsets with several apps with their own sites. The following are the best 15 windows mobile apps and where to find it.

1. Skyfire

Skyfire is the best mobile browser which provides large number of apps so far. It renders full web pages including flash, JavaScript, Silverlight, PDF and CSS. It works with Youtube and BBC Iplayer and Google Docs and hotmail, just like a PC browser. Because it is actually a real PC browser. It uses the Gecko rendering engine from Fire fox. You can get Face book, twitter and RSS updates in the start page of the mobile. Double click on the page will show you the picture, sidebar or paragraph you need. And you can zoom it and see.

2. Myphone

Generally if your phones break, crash and get lost, your contacts, text messages and photos could not be transferred to your new shiny mobile. And you get wonder how to transfer everything from the old mobile. My phone is a free service from Microsoft which helps you to get back your contacts, tasks, text messages, photos, videos, documents, music file to your new website.

Put the myphone client on your new phone and all your old information will downloads automatically. In addition to this, if you think you have lost your phone, you can see where it last synced from on a map. The only disadvantage in Myphone is that it has only 200MB.

3. Skype

There are many VOIP services you can use in your phone, like Fring. But skype has its many advantages. You can get free calls, free IMs and free file transfers to other skype users. And it provides cheaper calls to other standard numbers and cheaper text messages to international numbers. But to get all these facilities you should make sure that you are connected to Wi-Fi or you are paying for the data provided.

4. Facebook

Face book is from Microsoft. Face book app shows you updates from friends, incoming messages and your profile details. You can send text messages and make calls to any of your friends who put their numbers in Face book and you can update your status. You can upload photos and videos. You can make comments though you can click through to others profile.

5. Google Maps

Google maps can find you with varying accuracy even if you are not having the facility of GPS on your phone. You can get the details about the nearby addresses and get directions to drive to your destination. You can get the satellite view through this Google maps. For this you must sign up for latitude and Google maps will help you to broadcast your location.

6. Bing

It is also known as windows live search. And it does the same thing that it is the live search application. It shows you maps, find addresses and businesses. And it gives you directions. It is very similar to Google maps but it is easier to see on the map in Bing than Google maps. Ant in Bing, you can move the map and get a route from a new location faster than Google maps. You can switch settings for US and speak your search and get more services through this mobile software application.

7. Evernote

Make a note on your mobile phone, look it up on your PC, or any other browser and vice versa; Evernote will help you to type in handwrite, record a voice message, take photos or upload a file from your handset. And it is easier to find. One thing you must do for it is that you have to be online to look up notes from your handset.

8. Tiny Twitter

Tiny Twitter has its properties as Twitter client but with an innovative interface, so you can have a look on many messages on screen as possible. You can have your favorite browser links. You can collect tweets at set intervals. You must turn off the extra loud alerts for new tweets.

9. Viigo

Viigo is more advantageous than RSS reader, with links to umpteen feeds in dozens of categories. You can add your own feeds in it. You can hear pod casts. The audio will be with excellent quality. You can read E-Books from Daily lit, and you can download games. And any new stories can be tweet.

10. DiVX Mobile

DiVX certified phones are first given by Samsung Omnia. But you can use DiVX on to most Windows Mobile devices with DiVX mobile. It is a simple edge- a menu of standard settings, a thumbnail list of videos. Videos can play with clear, crisp quality. You must unzip the download file to install from your PC. Or you can copy the CAB across.

11. Traveler Blogger

There are many blooging softwares for most blog platforms. LJNote is good example for live journal. But still Travelling Blogger is one of the best word press and other blogs supported by the Meta web boundary. You can post to several blogs by inserting HTML codes and media.

12. Mobile mobile helps you to upload images from your browser. In this you can get 2GB of free storage. You can tag and edit the images uploaded through browser. Once you signup into this software you can download the windows mobile Photoshop client freely and you can use it to upload photos from you phone and edit them as you like.

13. Gsync

If you set up you email account in your handset, you can get Gmail on windows mobile. But you can view mail only every five minutes. If you want to view your mails as it arrives, you must set up the Google Sync service. By doing this you can get your Google contacts and calendar.  Its disadvantage is that it can have problems because it’s a beta.

14. Shake and Save

Shake and save is impractical. But it is very much useful too. If your mobile has an accelerometer, you can shake it quickly to take a screenshot. It is a helpful way of saving web pages, maps and other things that you need to take of on screen.

15. Kevtris

Many games are available in windows mobile. But the most outstanding games are not free.  Kevtris is an addictive Tetris clone. It is having both the classic game and versions with odd-shaped blocks. It is also with sliders which let you to push blocks to fill in gaps.  You can play the fastest game with highest score with a d-pad controller.

Event though there are so many mobile software programmers are there to give their mobile phones with so much of apps., the windows mobile is the best network which gives the hand full of apps.

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