Top 4 Apps for Travelers

Are you a globe trotter? If you enjoy travelling different places then you need to keep some tools handy with you which can help you to find your answers even in the middle of your journey. With the latest mobile applications this has become easier because you can carry some of the best applications on your cell phone to get rid of all your problems when you are travelling somewhere that you are not sure about. Here we take a look at the top 4 cell phone apps that you should always have in your phone while you travel.

1. Hotel

If you are impulsive by nature you might certainly need this application because it is for those travelers who make their travel plans suddenly and are looking for the best hotels at the very last minute. The hotel is a simple application that helps you to find the best hotel deals the way you want it. The application has two parts; you can read some of the best hotel blogs written by the experts and then decide which hotel you want to stay in or you can go for hotel search function. You can type in the name of the city and the date and see how many hotel rooms are available on that particular date.

2. Trainline Tickets

The first thing that comes to your mind when you travel is train tickets and if you have trainline tickets on your cell phone then you don’t have to bother about it. This application has an easy search tool that allows you to quickly search for the best deals. You can enter the start and end destination in the search tool and all the options will be available on your cell phone screen. You can make the payments directly through this application and use the bar code as your ticket.

3. WorldTravel

Well, if you have decided to go for a world tour then train might not be the right mode of transport for you. Hence, you can have WorldTravel on your cell phone and enjoy some of the best flight deals right on your cell phone screen. The application has been developed by Psiloc and allows you to view all the information like weather alerts.

4. TripAdvisor

Are you looking for some travel guide? With TripAdvisor application on your cell phone you will never find yourself lost anywhere in the world as it tells you some of the best places, hotels, restaurants and city attractions. You can even read and write some reviews about the places you want to visit or have visited and enjoy your holidays with it.

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  1. dysdys says:

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  2. One of my favorite iPhone applications is the Spanish Phrasebook Lonely Planet. Is divided into several sections of practices, such as restaurants, health, and shopping. It also has an audio component that will help you get the pronunciation right.

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