2011 Concept Cars – Top 10 List

Concept cars are show vehicles solely meant to showcase new styling concept and technologies in relation to car model, designing and functioning The other name for a concept car is prototype car. Concept cars are often showcased or displayed at the motor shows so as to fathom customer reactions to new styling and designing.

How are Concept Cars different from those plying on the road?

Concept cars are not meant for sale. They are put up or displayed solely to give people a glimpse of the type of cars that are to come in to the market in future. They in other words are simply examples for the automotive future. Thus they advertise the concept of the car and not the car itself. Concept cars hardly make it to the road. They are not made to go in to commercial production directly. A number of modifications are made prior to actually bringing the car out in to the market. These modifications are made keeping in mind the factors like safety, cost and practical usage. Once the design of the showcased car is approved, the company thinks of putting a car on sale which would be somewhat of a replica of the concept car. I hope you can now understand the difference between concept cars and those plying on the road.

How is the Designing for a Concept Car Done?

In this article, we will primarily focus on the top concept cars of 2011. But before that you may be curious enough to know how the concept car is designed. The car company utilizes their own designers and engineering components for designing a concept car. Before becoming a full-sized model, the concept car has to pass through the four designing steps. Many designs do not even clear the first step. If the design is promising enough, it will reach the fourth stage and then the finished and futuristic concept car will appear in some motor show. The various steps for concept car designing may be listed below:

  1. The designers first draw the design they have in their mind on paper. The entire interiors and exteriors of the car become explicit in the designer’s drawing.
  2. Then a clay scale model is built. It resembles a toy car in size, is carved out of clay and gives a 3D representation of the full version.
  3. Next a full-sized clay model is built over a frame. It looks exactly like the small clay model but resembles the actual car in size.
  4. Finally the concept car body and the various parts are manufactured and then assembled as a result of which the real, full-sized concept car comes in to being. Some concept cars are drivable while others may lack a functional engine.

The Top 10 Concept Cars of 2011:

Every year numerous car shows are held around the world and the entire excitement of a car show lies in the various concept cars manifested at the show. The year 2011 is not an exception. Let’s have a look at the top 10 concept cars of 2011:

1. Audi e-tron:

Photo by nino63004

This is an electric concept car which appeared for the first time in the Detroit Auto Show. With its sleek metallic lines the Audi e-tron resembles a Volkswagen Beetle in look.

2. Mini Rocketman:

Photo by

This concept car appeared for the first time in the Geneva Motor Show. The Mini Rocketman consists of unique double-hinged doors. The seats too are spacious enough. The mileage for this concept car 94 miles every single Imperial gallon.

3. Toyota FT-86II/Subaru Boxer Sports Car:

Photo by n0seres

This good looking concept car has D4S Boxer Engine. It has a stunted wheel base, does not weigh too much and has a low c.g or centre of gravity

4. Citroen Survolt:

Photo by franz_bruyère

This electric concept car consists in dual electric motors that can produce up to 300 Horse power. This car is driven by battery power and has a unique zero emission feature.

5. Jaguar C-X75:

Photo by Dmitry Valberg

This stunning car resembles the old XJ220 in look. But it differs from the old type in the power it uses for running. It is run by electricity. Its speed reaches up to 205 mph

6. Peugeot SR 1:

Photo by Jano2106

This car is masculine in its shape and features. It is a hybrid car with a centrally located third seat. Its propulsion system is supposed to be displayed in the 3008 Hybrid Crossover.

7. Saab Phoenix:

Photo by amcgore

This concept car is efficient and innovative in its designing. It employs an aero-motional technology which allows the car to cut through the ambient air. This concept car debuted in the Geneva Motor Show.

8. Alfa Romeo 3C FTA Concept:

This concept car has an alluring design and weighs light enough. It belongs to the racing car category.

9. Renault Dezir:

Photo by Romain SPINETTI

This concept car has a sleek, sexy get up. It runs on electric power, is green in color, bears scissor doors hinged at the front and the interior is white leathered and quilted.

10. Porsche 918 Spyder:

Photo by David Villarreal Fernández

This is an electric and hybrid concept car. Its functioning is boosted by 3 powerful electric motors.

So these are the top concept cars of 2011. They are all highly captivating and stand out as beautiful symbols of the designer’s dream visions

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