2013 Ferrari California HS – Review

Roadsters still manage to impress lot of buyers around the world and therefore top car companies like Ferrari still come up with some of the top roadsters that can offer better cars that speed through highways. The all new 2013 Ferrari California HS is among the top and best looking grand touring convertibles that one can find in the market. Ferrari has tried to incorporate some of the best features and technologies into the car raising the competition to the next level.

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Let’s take a quick look at some of the top features of the vehicle in the 2013 Ferrari California HS review below.


  • According to the research done by Ferrari most of the buyers for Ferrari California HS in the past few years have been new buyers and therefore Ferrari has decided to keep the same styling factor to the vehicle.
  • Ferrari has made certain changes to the exterior styling in the front to improve the fuel efficiency and aerodynamics of the car but apart from that everything remains identical to the 2012 model. The exaggerated rear side of the vehicle is still visible and Ferrari claims that it is a requirement to cover the retractable hard top. The hard top roof gets the same color as the body of the car to make it look better.
  • The front side of the vehicle has the same low black hood with air vents and stylish headlamps. Air vents sit right below the headlamps and also on the side of the vehicle to offer better performance.


  • The lofty price of 2013 Ferrari California HS definitely promises better interior comfort and therefore the car offers better designed seats that offer superior comfort. There is enough of space in the cabin and passengers can have good headroom and leg space.
  • The sculpted steering wheel feels great and offers lot of comfort even on long distance drives. The tachometer sits right in the middle offering better view with LCD screens. The visibility option is very good for the driver and the center console offers better control of all the new technologies that are incorporated. The front side dashboard also offers plenty of spaces for sunglasses, cell phones and cups which make it very convenient.


  • The 2013 Ferrari California HS gets 4.3 liter V8 engine that has the capability to produce 483 horsepower and 372 lb feet of torque. In terms of engine performance the 2013 Ferrari California HS pumps out 30 horsepower more and additional 15 lb feet of torque that affects the overall performance.
  • Ferrari claims that the improvement in performance is also because of the reshaped pistons that reduces friction and new exhaust that reduces back pressure. The car is also lightweight than the 2012 version and that also makes it better for the car to perform better using the same engine.
  • The car accelerates zero to 62 mph in 3.8 seconds while the 2012 model takes at least 4 seconds time. Ferrari has also excluded the six speed manual transmission and has offered seven speed dual clutch F1 automatic transmission which is standard.


  • In terms of safety, same features are carried forward in the 2013 Ferrari California HS. The car is incorporated with antilock disc brakes, front side airbags, automatic deploying roll bar, stability control, traction control and better seatbelts.


  • 2013 Ferrari California HS is available in the market for $201,290 including destination charges.


In terms of performance the 2013 Ferrari California HS is really good and it definitely offers value for money experience but the styling factor remains identical to 2012 model which can put off some of the buyers that would like to go for better styled cars.

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