2013 Honda Accord LaneWatch: The Next Generation Blind Spot Detection Technology

Accord is one of the most loved vehicles of Honda in the North America market and therefore Honda has always come up with some better features that make this vehicle one of the best in the market. Honda believes that Accord has some of the great features that they have come up with to make the driving experience better and therefore they have decided to add some more interesting features that would make 2013 Honda Accord one of the most desirable vehicles in the market. Honda believes that better technologies can make their car superior and therefore they need some interesting technologies to offer extremely good driving experience.

The all new 2013 Honda Accord LaneWatch is one of the best features that Honda has decided to incorporate in the new sedan that will roll out in the market. Many auto technology experts believe that Honda has come up with an innovative feature that will allow the drivers to get rid of the blind spot problems on the road when they are driving.  Honda said that they have done some thorough research about accidents and they found that six out of ten people claim that it was because of the blind spot that the accident happened. Hence, the new 2013 Accord will have the wide angle camera in the base of the passenger side mirror that shows the entire lane view on the 8 inch center screen rather than focusing on the traditional mirror that does not offer many options.

In simple words, Honda has tried to bring in the most technologically advanced blind spot detection system that gauges the distance for the driver and offers a go or no go signal to make it easier for the drivers. Honda believes that this will make 2013 Honda Accord one of the safest sedans in the market as drivers will be able to make their decision only after the technology offers them the right signal. Honda believes that this technology will be a boon for many drivers that often drive their vehicles on the highway and they have to keep in mind the vehicles that are in the blind spot. Honda also claims that this technology is good for urban drivers as well as they can keep an eye on cyclists and bikers that also come up unexpectedly. The technology also helps in avoiding forward collision because of the camera mounted behind the rearview mirror.

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